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Your Energy Reveals Your True Colors

Fun Fact About Me: As a Certified Master Energy Practitioner, I am skilled, gifted, and trained to decipher energy, vibrations, and frequencies from people, animals, places, and things. I can read and sense energy, including by a person's comments, messages to me on my website, and their energy field. It is my superpower. Woot Woot!

This is precisely why I require all of my clients to reveal their true identity on our Zoom calls for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching and Certified Energy Healing Sessions. I can read body language. Your energy introduces you before you even speak to me. Simply stated, your energy reveals your true colors.

Whether you have dense, low vibrations (negative energy) or high vibrations (positive energy), your energy field is introduced to me BEFORE you even speak. Anyone who does energy work will get to know the truth about people. We are attuned to both the physical 3D world as well as the spiritual realms.

As an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, and a Highly Intuitive Person with a wide range of spiritual gifts, I can sense both positive and negative energy from a long distance. You cannot fool someone who's superpower is identifying energy and vibrations.

As a Certified Master Energy Practitioner and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I will not exchange energy with anyone who clearly has toxic motives to try to trick me, manipulate me, or harm me. This is a nonnegotiable, firm boundary with me.

From this point forward, my new policy is that I will only work with clients who have pure intentions and positive energy. If I sense negative motives or bad vibes, I will detach. There will be minimal to no response from me. I won't participate. Do You Have Blocked Energy & Imbalances?

You don't need to be certified in energy work to read other people's energy. While it may take time, education, wisdom, and practice to understand the energy field, the average person can learn how to do this.

Have you ever walked into a building or met a person when you instantly sensed a negative vibe? This is your gut instinct alerting you to the energies of people, places, and things. Your intuition is always correct. It will guide you for your highest good.

If you are currently involved with a toxic person, you will encounter their negative energy. It could be with a malignant narcissist, fly monkeys, sociopath, or potential perpetrator. Consider them energy vampires. Beware of family members, coworkers, and ex-partners who are energy vampires. They will suck you dry! The only way to avoid this abusive, dysfunctional dynamic is to protect your own energy.

Remember that love and abuse cannot coexist. Regardless of who the energy vampire is, walk away. Don't give them easy access to you. Learn to set healthy boundaries.

Some signs that you're dealing with an energy vampire is that you will feel drained, exhausted, have brain fog, confusion, you may have physical pain, migraines, stomachaches, powerlessness, or you're disconnected to your own self. You cannot heal if you are disconnected to yourself and your own energy.

This is why it's vital to do the healing work. In this case, you can significantly benefit from having an energy healing session.

During an energy healing session with me, I will identify if you have emotional baggage, energetic blocks, imbalances, false beliefs that are hindering you, or traumas and dramas going on in your life. Using my treasure chest of tools and strategies, I will remove all of these dense and unhealthy, negative energies.

Energy healing is not limited to time or distance. Remote energy healing sessions work like a charm. I have experienced many positive breakthroughs for my clients with distance energy sessions. It's very exciting and such an honor to be part of many people's healing journey.

Benefits of Distance Energy Healing:

  • Gentle, tranquil, & safe

  • Promotes relaxation & stress reduction

  • Can reduce anxiety & depression

  • Can help you improve relationships

  • Can heal inflammation, pain, & illnesses

  • Can support your immune system

  • Can calm your central nervous system

  • Speed up your recovery time

  • Can improve clarity, focus, & intuition

  • Can increase your spiritual growth

  • Can identify energetic root cause of physical & emotional symptoms

  • Can help to remove imbalances & blocks holding you back from your highest potential

  • Can help you to upgrade your entire life; body, mind, and soul

Another Fun Fact: Love is the highest vibration. Love is the purest, positive energy on our planet. Love heals. Love gives hope. Love lifts us up. Love comforts us. Love renews our faith. Love brings joy, peace, and gratitude. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Want to learn more about energy healing?

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." — Albert Einstein

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