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Writing Purposely Book Coaching MEGA DEAL!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Are you an aspiring or seasoned writer who needs extra support in your writing endeavors? I offer one-on-one book coaching to help you build new writing skills, improve your writing process, and to find your own voice.

At any stage in your writing career, you may reach a point where you need motivation, inspiration, guidance, input, and accountability. Writers make significant progress when they work with an experienced writing coach.

With one-on-one private Zoom sessions, you will receive customized coaching that is tailored to you, your skill level, and your specific writing needs. As a seasoned author of six books and a writing coach with 10 years' professional experience, I am passionate about teaching women how to write their books. I specialize in nonfiction, memoirs, self-help, autobiographies, various types of wellness, spiritual, and inspirational genres.

Do you have a story inside your heart? There is power and healing in telling our stories. It not only can heal you, but it can be a beautiful healing balm for other people who read your book.

Are you experiencing:

· Struggling with writer’s block or feeling stuck?

· Unsure of the direction of your current project?

· Craving guidance and clarity for your book?

· Hoping for motivation and inspiration?

· Interested in an assessment on your book draft?

· Confused about self-publishing or traditional publishing?

· Curious how writers and authors self-market?

· Need a writing platform, but overwhelmed to build one?

· Concerned about editing, formatting, and graphic design?

· Want helpful feedback by a professional author and writing coach?

If so, now is the time to invest in your writing goals and to improve your writing skills. You are so worthy of transforming your writing dream into your conscious reality. It is the most awesome accomplishment in life!

Investing in writers is my passion. In addition, as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and a writing coach, I offer each client voice and choice along their writing journey, especially if they’re struggling with trauma as they write their own story. For abuse survivors, I provide psychoeducation and information to help you unpack your trauma in safe space as you write your true story.

As your writing coach, I will work with you to identify and clear obstacles so you can move forward with confidence. I'll provide you with knowledge and insights, and a customized plan for your goals.

I will focus on you. With customized one-on-one coaching, you can achieve your writing goals more efficiently and confidently. Keeping that in mind, understand that each writer has unique needs to complete their manuscript. For some, they may need to know the basics of writing nonfiction, how to write a book outline, or how to brainstorm book ideas. Or they may be a seasoned writer who wants to step outside of their comfort zone to build their writing craft. For other writers, they may prefer to focus on legal concerns for writing a memoir or nonfiction. They may need help to articulate what to write about. To decide what to say and what not to say in their book. Or they may desire to gain insight on how to "show versus tell" their story in effort to captivate their readers. Regardless of if you are a new or a seasoned writer, you will receive plenty of support from me as your professional book coach. This includes learning about:

  • Manuscript editing

  • Author ISBN with Bowker

  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing

  • Kindle Direct Publishing tools

  • Graphic design information

  • Literary writing tips

  • Overcome challenges to move forward

  • Professional resources for nonfiction & memoir writing

  • Discover your unique writing voice

  • Create & build your writing platform

  • Have 2,000 words of your writing critiqued by me

  • Plus, so much more!

Jump start your writing goals by investing in yourself and your dream to write a book. Unleash your creativity, progress, and confidence with customized coaching to tailor your writing needs.

Regular Price: $500 (4 one-hour customized book coaching sessions via Zoom.)

MEGA DEAL: $400 (An awesome savings of $100!)

DEADLINE: Make your electronic payment by April 4, 2022.

SIGN UP: To sign up, make your electronic payment.

PAYMENT: I accept Venmo, Stripe, and Zelle payments. I need your full name and email address linked to your electronic payment account. I will email you an invoice for your coaching payment.

After I receive your electronic payment for my coaching services, I will email you the client documents to complete and email to me. Once you finish your intake paperwork, I will schedule your first appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Refund Policy: I do not offer refunds. All payments are final.

To learn more about Writing Purposely Book Coaching, visit this page: Book Coaching | My Site (

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