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Waterfall Visualization: Heal Your Inner Child

Updated: Jul 8

Water is very healing. Whether you are actually in water, near water, you visualize yourself under a waterfall, strolling barefoot along the shore, or even cleansing yourself in the shower, water is extremely therapeutic.

One of the most powerful ways to come home to yourself, is by reconnecting to your inner child. Body, mind, soul, and spirit. To extend your own self grace, compassion, and honesty.

According to the website,, “A waterfall symbolizes life, purity, fertility, abundance, and transformation. It is often used as a metaphor for rebirth, or as a way to represent the power and beauty of nature.

They share, “Waterfalls are often associated with positive energy and good luck. In many cultures, they are seen as a sign of abundance and prosperity. They are also known to represent fertility and new life. In some traditions, waterfalls are considered to be portals to other realms. They are said to be places where the veil between this world and the spirit world is thin. Waterfalls are often seen as a place of healing and renewal.

Do You Have Childhood Trauma?

Perhaps, as a child or adult, you were hurt, belittled, manipulated, gaslit, criticized, shamed, blamed, judged, abused, traumatized, and/or betrayed? Maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional family unit where you couldn’t be your authentic self. Or you have buried and silenced your special authentic voice.

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, “A traumatic event is a frightening, dangerous, or violent event that poses a threat to a child’s life or bodily integrity. Witnessing a traumatic event that threatens life or physical security of a loved one can also be traumatic. This is particularly important for young children as their sense of safety depends on the perceived safety of their attachment figures. Traumatic experiences can initiate strong emotions and physical reactions that can persist long after the event. Children may feel terror, helplessness, or fear, as well as physiological reactions such as heart pounding, vomiting, or loss of bowel or bladder control. Children who experience an inability to protect themselves or who lacked protection from others to avoid the consequences of the traumatic experience may also feel overwhelmed by the intensity of physical and emotional responses.

As a child, you may have been silenced, shamed, verbally abused, or ridiculed for being your true self. One or more family members may have been envious of you, your special talents and gifts, your lovely personality, or your beautiful light that shines brightly. It could be on a subconscious level.

The toxic shame, guilt, and blame are not for your to carry. The abuse isn't your fault. One factor involved with healing is to release all negative emotions, false beliefs, lies, and toxic energies. It is not for you to carry. It is time to let it go. Are you ready to do so?

The perpetrators who hurt you may have spent your lifetime trying to dull your shine. Or they may brainwashed you to think you’re not lovable, worthy, important, smart enough, pretty/handsome enough, and that you don’t matter.

I am here to say this: You are worthy. You are important. All of your emotions are valid. You are smart/handsome enough. You are here on earth for such a time as this to expand yourself. To step into your true identity. To be genuinely loved, respected, and treated with compassion.

Child Neglect & Abuse Facts

Child abuse occurs when a child under the age of 18 is mistreated or neglected by an adult, resulting in harm, the potential for harm, or the threat of imminent harm. The adult may be a relative, caregiver, step-parent, sibling, teacher, religious leader, coach, or babysitter. The abuse can be physical, verbal, psychological, mental, or spiritual. Or a combination of two or more forms of abuse. The majority of perpetrators are parents of the child.

Next in line is sibling abuse, which goes far beyond sibling rivalry. According to, "In America alone, there are over 40 million sibling abuse survivors. Society pays a huge price when sibling abuse is not given attention and goes uncorrected in lives of many adults."

What Experiences Might Be Traumatic?

  • Physical, sexual, verbal, spiritual, or psychological neglect & abuse

  • Narcissistic parent, sibling, relative, or caregiver

  • Domestic Violence in your family

  • Sibling abuse (verbal, physical, mental, or sexual)

  • Bullying at home, school, or elsewhere

  • Natural & technological disasters or terrorism

  • Gang Stalking & Harassment

  • Community violence

  • Sudden or violent loss of a loved one

  • Substance use disorder (personal or familial)

  • Refugee and war experiences (including torture)

  • Serious accidents or life-threatening illness

  • Military family-related stressors (e.g., deployment, parental loss or injury)

Abuse is never just physical or mental. There is always a spiritual component involved with all forms of abuse. There is a body and mind connection. This is why the trauma recovery must include body and mind tools and strategies to process your pain. To face it head on. To understand what happened to you. And to move forward to fully heal.

If a child is being neglected and abused, they will often exhibit behavioral changes. This could include excessive crying, bed wetting, thumb-sucking, nightmares, insomnia, tummy troubles, headaches, sore throat, medical conditions, acting out by hurting their stuffed animal/doll/toys, and extreme terror of the perpetrator who is hurting them. Oftentimes, the child may display symptoms of speech, sleep, eating, anxiety, tummy troubles, mystery medical conditions, or another mental health disorders.

When children have been in situations where they feared for their lives, believed that they would be injured, witnessed violence, or tragically lost a loved one, they may show signs of child traumatic stress. If so, a waterfall visualization practice can be a powerful way to heal yourself and your inner child.

Waterwall Visualization for Inner Child Healing

Visualize your adult self under a waterfall with your younger self as a child. Your adult self is holding hands with your inner child. Visualize the water washing gently over you and your younger self. Together, both of you take a deep breath...hold for a few seconds...then exhale.

For those who are visual or auditory people, if you want to listen to my YouTube video of beautiful waterfalls, here is the link.

You are both calm. You are both safe. You are both free to express yourselves and all of your human emotions.

Visualize both of you releasing all of your heartbreak, pain, shame, past abuse, false beliefs, grief, loss, and what doesn't serve you, nor your inner child. Have the courage to surrender your past trauma and childhood wounds.

Release any lingering guilt, anger, and resentment. Visualize you and your inner child letting go of your pain and trauma. The tears wash over you. The waterfall cleanses you and your younger self.

Self-mothering is a vital part of the trauma recovery. It is a beautiful and healing way to reconnect to your younger self. Visualize your adult self to nurture your younger self. Embrace the unconditional love, peace, and warmth that you are sending to your inner child. Your inner child is smiling with your adult self. Both of you are whole, peaceful, divinely loved, and healed. Both of you are washed by divine love from God, Source, or a Higher Power. In your mind, visualize that you and your inner child are surrounded by guardian angels who are watching over and protecting each of you.

Positive Affirmations for Your Adult Self & Inner Child

1. I listen to the wisdom of my inner-most self.

2. I see the truth of my childhood.

3. My inner child & adult self are happy and free.

4. My adult self & inner child are safe.

5. I release the pain of my childhood & adulthood.

6. My emotions are valid.

7. I am divinely loved.

8. I am divinely protected.

9. I am whole & healed.

10. I am now full of love & light!

If you haven't sought emotional support for healing your inner child wounds, I highly recommend working with me as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. This is a great place to start on your healing journey. To learn more, visit this page.

Quantum Energy Healing & Intuitive Coaching

If you've already been in therapy, counseling, or Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, and you are open to exploring holistic modalities, I strongly recommend working with me for a natural option to experience a powerful breakthrough. I combine my professional skills as a Certified Master Energy Practitioner with Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Coaching. The three components can take you to the next level in miraculous ways in which go beyond your wildest dreams!

For those who are ready to face their past child abuse, the most effective way to accelerate your healing is to work with me in a private one-on-one session of Quantum Energy Healing with Intuitive Coaching.

Quantum healing is a holistic approach to wellness that uses the principles of quantum physics to promote healing and balance in the body. This technique operates on the principle that everything in the universe is interconnected, and that we are all made up of energy. Dr. Deepak Chopra is the pioneer of quantum energy healing. It's believed that quantum energy healing can promote healing and restore balance to the body.

This type of healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that energy is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. When the energy in your body and mind are out of balance or they’re blocked, it can lead to physical, mental, and emotional health illnesses, disorders, and ongoing challenges.

Have you ever walked into a building or met a person and instantly you sensed a negative vibe? This is your gut instinct alerting you to the positive and negative energies of people, places, and things. Beware of emotional vampires who suck you dry!

Your intuition is always correct. It will always protect you. It will guide you for your highest good.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching is an advanced coaching technique that relies on a coach’s intuitive skills to help guide you to achieve your dream life. Intuition Healing Coaching relies on intuition, energy, and inner wisdom as the main guiding principles to help clients live their best lives.

What is intuition? It is your inner voice, gut feeling, or spirit energy. Intuition refers to a sense of knowingness that comes without proper reasoning—A connection between the conscious and unconscious mind. To know something without someone telling you. To know something within yourself without having physical proof. Even if we consider faith, there is a mystery to it. Faith is not something we see with our eyes. Faith isn’t something we can tangibly feel. Having faith is knowing that what you want will come to be in your conscious reality. Even despite the naysayers. Even when your analytical mind or logic may say otherwise.

In a nutshell, faith is believing without seeing. Faith is surrendering to God, Source, and a Higher Power. Faith is believing in things even when your common sense tells you not to. Lastly, by taking a leap of faith, you can trust your own intuition, higher wisdom, and inner knowing.

I am a strong woman of faith. For me on a personal level, my faith and my intuitive gifts go hand-in-hand. My soul knows what my soul knows. My gut instincts and inner knowing (intuition) never lead me astray. My wisdom, spiritual gifts, and intuitiveness always have my best interests at heart. If you want clarity, if you want to reach your maximum potential, and if you are ready to explore the energetic blocks/imbalances that are hindering your ability to have a breakthrough, consider signing up for a one-hour Zoom session with me, a Certified Master Energy Practitioner, Intuitive Healing Coach, and a Quantum Energy Healing Practitioner.

If you need to heal from past abuse, trauma, toxic relationships, financial hardships, illnesses, or ongoing challenges in your life, the key to recovery, peace of mind, joy, and increasing your overall well-being is with Certified Master Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, and Quantum Energy Healing together. In my personal and professional experiences, this is where the amazing breakthroughs take place. It takes coaching and healing to a whole new level far beyond what therapy or Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching can do. Oftentimes, what I've noticed with my clients who invest in this awesome healing modality is that it shortens their length of recovery.

Many of my clients have said, "Had I known how successful and effective my results would be, I would have signed up so much sooner." (What an honor it is for me to be part of your transformative healing journey.)

An Intuitive Healing Coach empowers you to access your own intuition. To tap into your gut instincts to guide you to take personal ownership of your body, mind, spirit, and ability to heal from within. It's powerful!

If you are not educated about Quantum Energy Healing or Intuitive Coaching, at first it may sound a bit “woo woo.” One important face about is that there’s nothing "witchy" about Quantum Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, and Certified Master Energy Healing sessions.

During my sessions, I connect to God/Higher Power. I use prayer. I have pure, positive, loving intentions for each client. In addition, during my sessions, I seek divine intuitiveness to guide me. As an Empath with highly intuitive and spiritual gifts, my intuition has never failed me. The accuracy is incredible.

To learn more about Quantum Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, and Certified Master Energy Practitioner details, visit this page.

If you are interested in learning more about either Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, Certified Master Energy Practitioner sessions, Intuitive Coaching, or Quantum Energy Healing, you may sign up for a 30 minute Discovery Call with me. A Discovery Call on Zoom gives us both the opportunity to get acquainted with one another, to ask questions, and to determine if we are an ideal match to work together.

Discovery Call Price: $25 (Paid in full before your Zoom Call.)

Important Fact: A discovery call isn’t a coaching session.

Ready to get started? To reserve your 30 minute discovery call with me, it requires a payment.

Electronic Payment: I accept Zelle, Stripe and Venmo.

To sign up for a 30 minute Discovery Call, message me on my website. I look forward to working with you!

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