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Virtual Consultations

Starting on Monday, September 18, 2023, I will be offering virtual consultations. Before I state details, the prices, and location, let's first define what a virtual consultation is.

According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, "A consultation is the act of discussing something with somebody before making a decision."

Here are the professional services that offer virtual consultations:

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Coach | Dana Arcuri | Inspirational Author, Speaker, Survivor, & Advocate

2. Intuitive Coaching Intuitive Coaching | My Site (

3. Book Coaching Book Coaching | My Site Dana Arcuri

4. Certified Master Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing | My Site (

For a 30-minute Virtual Consultation, the purpose of a consultation is for a potential client and I to have the opportunity to ask one another questions. It is to determine if we are an ideal fit to work together. This isn't a coaching session.

Information about 30-minute Virtual Consultations:

Location: Zoom

Time: Monday & Wednesday from 1 PM EST to 6 PM EST. On Tuesdays, I am available from 12 PM EST to 2 PM EST.

Price: $50

Expires: After 10 days of purchase.

Refunds: I don't offer refunds. All sales are final.

My Policies: For virtual consultations, you must show up on time. You are required to use the video share button. You must reveal your true identity on Zoom. If you are over 10 minutes past the scheduled time or you are a 'no show', I end the session. There are no refunds for the lack of showing up on time.

How to Sign Up: Virtual consultations require an electronic payment. Send me a private message on my website to get started.

Electronic Payments: Zelle, Venmo, and Strip

What a Virtual Consultation is Not: A consultation isn't to 'pick my brain,' get free advice, it's not meant to unpack your trauma story, and it's not a coaching session with me. My virtual consultations are for 30-minutes on Zoom. It isn't meant for you to disregard my professional boundaries, nor to keep talking passed your designated time. I ask for you to be respectful of me, my time, my energy, and my services.

Important Fact: Most people sign up to work with me because they know that I sincerely understand about abuse, trauma, boundaries, and that I provide effective tools to help them to gain wisdom, clarity, emotional support, safe space, and healing. At least 90% of the clients who do work with me, automatically sign up with me without having a discovery call or a virtual consultation. (I no longer offer Discovery calls.) About 10% of my potential clients first have a 30-minute Zoom meeting with me before making their decision to sign up for my services.

What I've learned over the past two years is that anyone who is serious about their healing journey and serious about working with me, they will make their payment and they will follow through to work with me. For those who message me, but they don't follow through, I understand that timing is essential. There is a season for everything.

Not everyone is ready to invest in their life, health, and ability to move forward in their life. And that is okay. Whenever someone claims they want to work with me, but they don't follow through, I take it as a sign of divine protection over me. Truthfully, I only want the right clients with pure, positive intentions to work with me.

As an Intuitive Healer who happens to have special spiritual gifts, I do read energy. You introduce yourself to me before we work together. The beauty of virtual consultations is that it helps me to determine if you are in alignment with me; energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What I love is that my intuition is accurate. It always has my highest good. Lastly, my intuition has led me to where I am today. To become a wiser, confident, strong, empowered, courageous woman.

Like the Phoenix rising, I have risen above the fiery ashes to transform myself. Ultimately, I have been used by God to bless other lives in such a profound way. For this, I am eternally grateful. Whether you wish to have a consultation with me or skip the consult to sign up to work with me, I am grateful for each one of you. I wish each of you the best along your healing journey.

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