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Toxic Siblings Book Launch #AmazonBestSeller

Updated: Nov 12

I have exciting news! My seventh book has officially been released on Amazon. Happy dance! Here is the book description and how my memoir can support you along your own healing journey.

TOXIC SIBLINGS: A Survival Guide to Rise Above Sibling Abuse & Heal Trauma

Sibling abuse is soul-crushing. It is linked to trauma. Dana Arcuri, a survivor, author, YouTuber, and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, bares her heart to share her true crime story. Her gripping memoir reveals the compounded trauma she has sustained from toxic siblings and a narcissistic mother.

Her captivating message shares unspeakable things she’s suffered: Child neglect and abuse. A dysfunctional family. Sibling abuse. Sexual abuse. Narcissistic abuse. Family scapegoating. Betrayal. Her toll of compounded trauma resulted in Fibromyalgia, Complex PTSD, and estrangement from relatives.

After decades of turmoil, she finally broke free, rebuilt her life, and bravely rose above trauma. She is now helping thousands of survivors to heal, too. In Toxic Siblings, Dana’s Powerful Survival Guide Raises Awareness About:

· Sibling rivalry versus sibling abuse

· Common Signs of sibling abuse

· Dysfunctional family roles

· Narcissistic abuse & abuse by proxy

· Types of abuse & the devastating impact of trauma

· Gaslighting, manipulation, & smear campaigns

· Triangulation & alienation

· Grey rock, no contact, & family estrangement

· How to set clear boundaries

· Tools, tips, & trauma-informed emotional support

· How to rise above sibling abuse for your trauma recovery


My book is dedicated to each person who has experienced sibling abuse, a dysfunctional family, and the devastating impact of trauma. Like a Phoenix, may you have the courage to rise above sibling abuse and find the courage to heal. May you learn:

· You are not alone.

· Sibling abuse isn’t your fault.

· You and your story matters.

· You deserve to heal, to be happy, and to have safe relationships.

My true crime story, Toxic Siblings, is available on Amazon as a print book and an eBook.

Print Book:


Today, I awoke to exciting news. As of Sunday, November 12, 2023, my Kindle version of my book, TOXIC SIBLINGS, is listed as #38 for an Amazon Bestseller in the category of Sexual Assault True Crime Stories. WOW! What an honor to achieve this, especially since my eBook went live on Amazon only four days ago. The most powerful thing about sharing our hard rock moments is that it can become a survival guide for others.

"One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else's survival guide." ~ Brene' Brown

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