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The Power of Shifting Your Mind, Life, & Energy

The one incredible fact that most people are not aware of is that they have more power than they give themselves credit for. You have the innate ability to heal yourself. You can make a fresh start. You can shift your own mind, life, health, thoughts, and energy.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the energy you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

It starts with you. The words you speak out loud. What you silently think and believe. Your decisions, thoughts, and beliefs will dictate the outcome. Whether you know it or not, you are manifesting every single day.

Your subconscious mindset versus your conscious belief system is what will bring to you what you truly want to manifest. What you think is what you get.

Here is an example: If you desire to find a new job and you start affirming that you will be hired, you can literally shift your entire reality. When you visualize that you already have your dream job, amazing blessings can unfold. When you are confident in yourself, your worth, and that you deserve to be compensated accordingly to your skills, education, and work history, you have a higher chance to obtain a new, rewarding position. It all starts with you, your mind, your thoughts, and what you believe.

Some people may refer to this as the "Law of Assumption," which is based on Neville Goddard's theory. He teaches that the way to create anything you desire is simply to assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. The reason is that nothing exists outside of your own consciousness, and your entire experience of the world is a symbolic representation of where your consciousness currently stands.

According to the website,, "To change anything in your life, then, you have to change the beliefs and assumptions you hold about it. Furthermore, everything that you experience is a result of your changing consciousness. Goddard teaches that changing your assumptions, and assuming the presence of your desire, is the only thing that will bring about your aim. Action is irrelevant, since action itself is a symbol of your state of mind. Your shift in consciousness is the only thing that matters."

The biggest obstacle that most people face is thinking that they shouldn't assume anything. To believe that they won't receive what they desire. To think that they are not worthy or deserving of goodness, positive outcomes, and wonderful things happening in their lives.

Today, kick the 'stink'n think'n to the curb! It is not benefiting you, nor helping you. It is actually self-sabotage. Negative thinking and 'disastersizing' circumstances can be common for abuse survivors.

Disastersizing is when you let your vivid imagination go wild, but in an unhealthy way. When you speak negatively about yourself, your life, or ability to overcome hardships. When you may think of the worst outcome. When you dwell on horrible things happening to you or your loved ones.

Dear Soul, this is harming you in more ways than you realize. It is not serving you, nor your highest good. It is keeping you stuck in a loop. It is holding you hostage in a vicious cycle.

However, at any moment you can say, "This isn't how my chapter ends." You are the author of your own life, your own mind, and your own reality. Therefore, you can shift your words, thoughts, and beliefs. Are you ready?

As you are shifting, you will begin to realize that you are not the same person who you used to be. That younger version of yourself from five, ten, or twenty years ago is gone. You have grown, changed, and been transformed. You see things in a new light. You may now have a new perspective, including with your past. You are now a totally different person from the inside out.

The things you used to tolerate have become unacceptable now. Where you once remained quiet, you are now speaking the truth. Where you once battled and argued with others, you are now choosing to set clear boundaries. You are beginning to understand the value of your peace of mind. You now realize that there are some situations which no longer deserve your time, energy, and focus.

When you experience a major shift, there will be a dramatic change in the way you think, fueled by a powerful determination to break free from your past, to discover a healthier, happier, and better life.

One key is to actively pay attention to what you speak verbally, what you silently think, the thoughts running through your mind, and the beliefs you have. Build awareness about where these words, thoughts, and beliefs began, especially if you were abused, brainwashed, or you had suffered traumatic events.

The more aware you become, the more you can clearly see old, outdated beliefs that don't resonate with you anymore. For you it may involve your beliefs about:

  • Family

  • Loyalty

  • Betrayal

  • Safety

  • Organized religion

  • Health

  • Abuse

  • Manipulation

  • Politics

  • Spirituality

  • Boundaries

  • Love & intimacy

  • Relationships

  • Money, abundance, & prosperity

  • Your culture and ancestry

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Mental health

  • Your lifestyle choices

  • Your trauma recovery & ability to heal

Once you build awareness about your subconscious and conscious mind, it puts you back in control of your life. As mentioned from up above, you do have more power than you know. You have the ability to unlearn what our society has programmed you to believe. This can be a game changer for you.

"The shift if collective transformation consisting of the sum of each individual's step into the new reality. Each person, in their own time, is moving forward into a stage of consciousness, which brings a wider vista and awareness which springs from the heart." ~ Owen Waters

Awesome Symptoms of the Shift:

  1. You have a stronger sense of compassion.

  2. You released fear.

  3. Loss of polarity of judgement.

  4. Easily adaptable.

  5. Acceptance of light and dark.

  6. Power to create your own reality.

  7. Rapid manifestation of your positive intention.

  8. A rewarding mission to be of service to others.

The beauty of this supernatural shift is that you can become a healing balm for other survivors. You can bear witness to their traumatic events in a nonjudgmental way. You can bravely share your own true story. You can inspire others and give them hope. Most importantly, you can help survivors to not feel so alone.

This is precisely what has taken place in my own life. This past decade has been the most transformative shift that's impacted every facet of my life; personally, professionally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

There is no price tag on healing. There is no price tag on reclaiming our peace of mind, health, relationships, finances, boundaries, and personal growth. It is liberating and empowering to shift our mind, life, and energy.

When this takes place, you are leveling up. You will touch other lives in the most positive way. It is the most beautiful, life-changing gift to give to yourself and the world around you.

Daily Positive Affirmations to Shift your Mind, Life, & Energy:

"I am worthy of respect."

"I am worthy of caring, loving relationships."

"I am worthy to be treated with dignity and kindness."

"I am worthy of prosperity, abundance, and blessings."

To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.

― Neville, The Power of Awareness

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