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The Power of Manifesting Breakthroughs: It Worked for me & it can Work for YOU!

SNAP! When I created my YouTube video, 30 Days of Manifesting Breakthroughs, in December 2020, I had no idea that it would lead to amazing breakthroughs in my life.

Within a month, my manifestations turned into a dream come true. Unexpectedly checks showed up in my mailbox. I went back to school. At the end of the summer in 2021, I graduated from school. Today, I'm excited to be a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and also a Life Purpose Coach. (To learn more, check out both of my coaching pages.)

After manifesting countless blessings into my life, I am doing what I love! I have a new coaching business; Bloom from the Dark. I’ve completed my sixth book, Soul Rescue: How to BREAK FREE from Narcissistic Abuse & Heal Trauma. Plus, so many more exciting breakthroughs! Today, I’m living proof in the power of the mind and how our thoughts directly dictate our current reality. Do you have a special dream inside your heart? Would you like to turn your deepest aspirations into your reality? Perhaps, you are hoping to improve your relationships, health, finances, or find peace of mind? If so, the sky is the limit!

Learn strategies to open new doors of opportunity for prosperity, abundance, peace, healing, good health, finding your soul mate, joy, and whatever your heart desires. Some people only focus on manifestations or positive affirmations. However, I believe the most powerful way to receive your desires and goals is to learn about The Law of Assumption.

The Law of Assumption was created by Neville Goddard who stated, "All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs."

Regardless if you believe or disbelieve in The Law of Assumption or manifesting your desires, each day you are already manifesting without being consciously aware of it. You have thoughts, beliefs, and words that you speak out loud and think about silently.

Therefore, what you think and believe is what you get. It can be positive or negative, depending on your specific thoughts, words, beliefs and lack of beliefs. Many people have what I refer to as "stink'n think'n."

It's when you are not consciously in the present moment and you have extremely negative thoughts. Or you want something very much, but you speak words out loud or silently that are the OPPOSITE of what you want.

Simply stated, if you believe that you are worthy of goodness, kindness, and positive things in your life, you will receive it. But if you believe that you are not worthy of it, you will not receive it. What are you thinking about when you are alone? What do you say about your life, health, relationships, job, and personal experiences? The key is to pay attention on a regular basis. Take captive your thoughts. Believe you can do anything you set your mind to and watch the miracles unfold. Want to know a little secret? In December 2020, I never even heard of Neville Goddard or The Law of Assumption. What I did know and practice was daily affirmations and manifesting my deepest dreams, desires, and aspirations. This goes to show the power of being consistent in affirmations, your belief system, and manifesting what you want.

Oftentimes, we have been programmed by our family, society, religion, and news media to disbelieve our own capabilities. We've been told to "assume nothing." People have brainwashed us to think that we "shouldn't have any expectations at all." Those negative thoughts directly sabotage you, your desires, and your deepest hope to have a dream fulfilled. The lack mindset will result in lack. Whereas the abundant mindset will attract and receive more abundance. It's the Law of Assumption and based solely on your beliefs and disbeliefs.

The bottom line is this: If you think you can do something, you will. If you think that you cannot achieve something, you won't. Yes, it's really that simple. Steps to Manifest Your Beautiful Breakthroughs:

  • You must be crystal clear on what you desire

  • You must believe that it is yours BEFORE you receive it

  • Write and/or speak out loud your positive affirmations consistently

  • Speak edifying words of life, love, healing, success, prosperity, etc.

  • Write and/or speak out loud your manifestations daily

  • Envision that it already happened

  • Tap into your genuine emotions (excitement, blessed, thankful, grateful)

  • Use all of your senses when manifesting (sight, sound, touch, aroma, taste)

  • Believe that miracles do happen (I'm living proof!)

  • Educate yourself about manifestation, affirmations, and the power of your mind

Affirmations, manifestations, and the Law of Assumption are like faith. What is faith? I am not referring so much to organized religion. I am much more of a spiritual person. Faith is believing in something BEFORE we see the outcome.

We have faith in ourselves. We can have faith in our life purpose and special talents. We can have faith in our healing journey. We can have faith in a Higher Power. For you, it can be God, the universe, or something totally different. The point is that your beliefs, your thoughts, and your faith will match your reality today. Don't get caught up in the physical world, what you see with your eyes, or the lack of what you don't see; 3D. Stop stressing over it and worrying about it because that is also linked to lack of belief and lack of faith.

Instead, envision what you desire. Visualize that you have it right now. This is where amazing things transpire!

To learn more, check out my YouTube video about Manifesting Breakthroughs. Here's the link. 30 Days of Manifesting Breakthroughs - YouTube

Want to manifest a new business, wealth, loving relationships, improved health, or making your dreams transformed into your wildest and most exciting reality? Contact me on my website on the chat button for Life Purpose Coaching where I can equip you, empower you, and encourage you to bloom wherever you are planted.

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