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Strength to Heal Trauma

Updated: Apr 22

In 2018, after cutting ties with my abusive birth family, I started my life over. Was it easy? No, but it was so worth it. Healing trauma takes grit. It takes courage. It takes mustering up inner strength. It takes everything you need to recover. Yet, it will be the most profound breakthrough in your life, your health, and your healing journey.

Along my recovery pathway, I set healthy boundaries. I invested in my healing journey. I learned everything I could about abuse and trauma. I trusted that I would come out of this a braver, wiser, and a better person.

Once I had that knowledge and wisdom, I wrote two books about my true stories. (Soul Cry and Soul Rescue) I went back to school for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching and Certified Master Energy Practitioner. It was hard work. But I did it!!!

Here's information on what Soul Cry is about: Trauma is soul crushing. It pierces the heart. Transparently, Dana Arcuri bares her soul to support other abuse survivors. Together, they link arms as they say, “Me too.” Her true crime story is sprinkled with suspense, drama, and romance. Her gripping message shares unspeakable things that she's suffered. Child abuse. A dysfunctional family. Sexual assaults. The toll of compounded trauma, including Fibromyalgia, wicked drug withdrawals, a near death nightmare, and Complex PTSD. Bravely, Dana tells her real, raw story. For anyone battling deep wounds, she hears your soul cry. She gives a powerful voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. She empowers you to courageously release and heal your trauma. Dana's captivating memoir will help you to learn: •You are not alone. •The abuse was not your fault. •Your story matters. •You deserve to heal.

You may order your copy on Amazon:

If you have experienced child abuse, narcissistic abuse, sibling abuse, sexual abuse, or any type of psychologically abusive relationships, I recommend reading Soul Rescue: How to Break Free from Narcissistic Abuse & Heal Trauma.

Here's what my true story is about: Are you in a toxic relationship with a narcissist? Narcissistic abuse is cited as being ‘soul murder.’ It not only breaks your heart and crushes your spirit; it’s directly linked to trauma. Dana Arcuri, captivating author, speaker, and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach bravely bares her own soul as a daughter of a narcissistic mother. Her gripping message reveals unspeakable trauma she has suffered; young and old. Child neglect and abuse. A dysfunctional family. Years after being in turmoil over the unhealthy dynamics, she boldly broke free, rescued herself, and started her healing journey. Whether the narcissist is your parent, sibling, spouse, or intimate partner, you will learn how to identify and break free from their cruel schemes. This book covers:

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Signs of Abuse

  • Flying monkeys & Abuse by Proxy

  • Manipulation & Gaslighting

  • Stonewalling & Being Silenced

  • Retaliation & Smear Campaigns

  • Complex PTSD & PTSD

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Trauma Symptoms & Healing Strategies

  • Holistic Modalities & Spiritual Awakening

  • And so much more!

In Soul Rescue, Dana explores the traits of a narcissist, a dysfunctional family, the long-term effects of abuse, and the aftermath of trauma. In addition, she shares healing modalities and resources for survivors who are ready to invest in their health to recover. If you feel trapped in an abusive relationship, Soul Rescue can equip you to take back your life, peace of mind, health, and your power in effort to rescue your own self.

Order on Amazon:

Break Free from Toxic, Abusive Dynamics

Over the past five years, I've taken everything that I've been through and everything that I've learned, and I have shared it with the world. Nothing is ever wasted. Every single experience in my life, both positive and negative, has been turned around to something good.

Rather than ask why I had suffered habitual abuse, I took my heartbreaking, grueling, traumatic experiences and I transformed it into something positive. I've learned hard lessons. I've learned that intergenerational trauma goes from one generation to the next one, until one brave soul says, "IT ENDS WITH ME."

Never underestimate a cycle breaker. Not only did they face years of generational trauma, but they stood in the face of that trauma and said, "This ends with me." This is brave. This is powerful. This comes at a significant cost. Never underestimate a cycle breaker. The cycle breakers are you and me. Despite the high cost of being in abusive, hurtful relationships, there is nothing more therapeutic than setting yourself free. It's an incredible life-changing moment.

Giving up was not a choice for me. I have chosen personal, professional, and spiritual growth. It has significantly improved every facet of my life.

Abuse didn't make me stronger. Rather, I am now much stronger because I worked hard to heal.

Today, if you are in the midst of a brutal battle, don't give up. Never lose hope.

No matter what you've been through, no matter how horrifying, you have the ability to learn from it, to grow from it, and to heal from it. Even better, you can become someone else's survival guide.

If you have experienced abuse and you need emotional support, I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach who specializes in abuse and trauma as well as Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching, plus more. For all of my areas of expertise and to learn more about coaching with me, visit my coaching page.

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