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She Believed She Could

She believed she could, but she was tired. So she rested. And You know what? The world went on and it was ok. She knew she could try again tomorrow.

Following our passionate pursuits takes time, energy, and perseverance. From start to finish, it will require our focus, especially to stay on task. While it can take a lot of hard work, I believe it is well worth it.

For those who are unaware, over the past eight weeks, I've been in the midst of writing my seventh book, editing my manuscript, and working hard to reach my deadlines. The great news is that my manuscript is now being formatted for print books and eBooks. Over the past eleven years, I've considered each of my books as a labor of love. Every book that I've crafted has been a healing balm for me. Writing is very therapeutic. It has been my biggest calling in life. I take my soul purpose very seriously.

One fact is that I never anticipated writing a new book this year. It wasn't on my radar. However, one September night, I received a divine revelation. It came as an intuitive hit.

This has happened on many occasions with my other books. When that soft voice speaks to me. When my gut instincts give me crystal clear clarity about the exact title and topics to write about.

When we tune into our intuition, it is a game changer. It will increase our ability to know what is the most important in our life. Trusting our inner guidance will lead us to trusting ourselves more. In addition, once we are tuned into our gut instincts, we can automatically know the people, places, and things to trust. And whom and what to not trust. It works like a gem!

Oftentimes, if I ignore it, the message becomes louder. There is an urgency that comes up when God nudges me to write my next book. I've learned to pay attention. To seek wisdom and discernment. I have come to an amazing place in my life where I trust my intuition.

Keeping that in mind, in early September, I prayed for three red cardinals to show up at the exact same time. It would be a clear sign to confirm that I should write my next book.

Within 24 hours of saying this prayer, three cardinals showed up at the exact same time. One was Fred the red cardinal with his mate Winona. They originally showed up for me back in 2016 when I said a similar prayer for my fourth book, Sacred Wandering: Growing Your Faith in the Dark. Interestingly, Fred and Winona were with another female cardinal. It may have been Fred and Winona's daughter. Either way, I was delighted to see their beautiful presence. Red cardinals have played a significant role in my writing as well as my healing journey, especially after my 13-year-old yellow lab, Samson, had passed away.

Long story short, after Samson took his last breath on earth, I had asked for a divine sign to let me know that he was in a better place. And within seconds a male red cardinal arrived on my window. For at least ten to fifteen minutes, the cardinal sang a lovely song for me. I had no doubt, this was the sign I asked for. And from that moment in 2015 to now, I've been seeing red cardinals ever since. Red cardinals are gentle reminders of our deceased loved ones visiting us. When you believe beyond what your eyes can see...signs from heaven show up to remind you love never dies.

From September 2nd through September October 11th, 2023, I've worked diligently to complete my passionate pursuit to start and to finish my seventh book. My book title is, Sibling Abuse: A Survival Guide to Rise Above Sibling Abuse & Heal Trauma.

This time around, I intentionally paced myself. As I wrote each chapter and started the editing process, I preserved my energy. I will be the first to say that writing and having to reread each chapter over and over again is exhausting. Thankfully, I have completed it.

Writing about everything involving sibling abuse, a dysfunctional family, and the traumatic experiences isn't easy. Not by a long shot. How ironic that our family is supposed to be a safe haven for us. But for many of us it has been the most soul crushing nightmare. Yet there is an important reason to share my true story with the world. First off, I am not the only person who experienced sibling abuse. You are not the only one who suffered toxic siblings, smear campaigns, gaslighting, manipulation, family mobbing, gang stalking, bullying, cruelty, violence, triangulation and alienation of your relationships, and betrayal by your abusive siblings.

In statistics, over 40 million adult men and women have experienced sibling abuse. I believe this statistic is actually much higher now. It's not coincidental that at least 95% of my clients have been through sibling abuse, narcissistic abuse, child abuse, flying monkey harassment, and betrayal trauma. Sadly, some of my clients have suffered sexual assaults by their sibling and/or another relative. Until my memoir, Toxic Siblings, is launched, I am focusing on my top priorities. First and foremost is reviewing my book formatting. Next, I am focusing on my own energy, my own peace of mind, and my own health. In addition, I am focusing on my clients. To offer them safe space to unpack their own trauma. To see them, hear them, understand them, and to provide them therapeutic tools and emotional support. Currently, I only have one more opening for a new client. I work on a first come, first serve basis. Basically, it means that whoever signs up first and makes their payment for my coaching services is who is next in line to work with me. In November 2023, after my book is officially released, I will have more slots open for all of my business services. If you want emotional support, you can contact me on my website. As for my upcoming book launch, I am so excited! I am counting down the days for the birthing of my memoir. Stay tuned for details about the time, dates, and links to my Amazon books.

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