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Powerful Crystal Benefits for Healing Trauma

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

As a jewelry lover, Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, and being a woman who's open to holistic modalities, I've always been intrigued by crystals. About ten years ago, I started with an amethyst crystal. Around this same time, my son gave me a beautiful amethyst crystal necklace for Christmas.

I noticed right away that wearing the amethyst necklace would calm my central nervous system. It helped me to have improved sleep, peace of mind, and I felt more grounded. There were times if I did experience insomnia, I'd hang the amethyst crystal on my side of the bed near my shoulder. In most cases, I experienced a higher quality of sleep. One crystal led me to be open to learning more about other crystals. However, during the writing of my fifth book, Soul Cry, I had the most powerful supernatural experience by using two crystals consistently.

Intuitively, I knew that black tourmaline with clear quartz would be beneficial to my writing. This superb combo blew me away! Immediately, the words, ideas, and paragraphs flooded through me.

From start to finish, I literally began my manuscript and completed my manuscript within two short months. This has never happened to me prior to using clear quartz with black tourmaline.

To my surprise, I had tapped into the incredible therapeutic benefits of crystals, especially for writing about my own abuse and trauma. After this miraculous breakthrough, I used the same gems when I wrote my sixth book, Soul Rescue: How to Break Free from Narcissistic Abuse & Heal Trauma.

Guess what happened? I had a very similar supernatural experience as with the writing of Soul Cry. The only difference was this time around, my writing process from start to finish had more clarity and acceleration. From start to finish, I wrote my manuscript for Soul Rescue within ONLY two short weeks. Yes, that is correct. I began and completed Soul Rescue in two weeks. Wow!

This resulted in far more healing than I had ever fathomed. Writing heals. Crystals heal. Both used in conjunction definitely accelerated the therapeutic benefits. Gently, the writing with black tourmaline and clear quartz increased my phenomenal breakthrough. What a huge blessing it has been for me!

Keep in mind that clear quartz will amplify whichever gems you pair up with it. You cannot go wrong by adding clear quartz to your collection of crystals, including the stones in your necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.

Several years ago, I decided to do extensive research on the benefits of crystals. They most definitely can benefit our health and lives: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally.

This led me to purchase dozens upon dozens of crystals (raw and smooth) with the intention of reducing my chronic pain, fibromyalgia, trauma, grief, migraines, GI issues, inflammation, and variety of other concerns. I decided to experiment with different gems to see the results for myself.

Some of the crystals were single gems. Others were multiple crystals used for necklaces, earrings, and/or bracelets. Low and behold, a wide variety of my negative symptoms vanished. This effective result fascinated me.

What is Trauma & How Does it Impact Our Lives?

In statistics, between 70% to 90% of our worldwide population has experienced at least one traumatic event. Trauma is trapped negative energy, emotions, and old baggage. Trapped emotions are negative energies that we still carry around from past events, traumas, and abuse. Trapped emotions and negative energy can cause a variety of symptoms. They can block people from finding true love, joy, and make them feel disconnected. There is hope for releasing trapped trauma and to live out your beautiful life purpose.

Six Powerful Crystals for Healing Trauma

1. Black Tourmaline: According to the website,, "This highly venerated healing stone is a must for healing past trauma. Its rich black color is indicative of its power to absorb and dispel bad energy. It is classified by healers as an energy-purifying crystal which will serve to relieve the symptoms of many types of traumas. Black tourmaline can reduce anxiety, help to erase low self-worth, and shield against their future effects. The healing stone can be placed around the home and work. Small pieces can be carried at all times to deflect bad vibes. It is beautiful when set in jewelry that can be worn throughout the day."

2. Clear Quartz: Want to magnify your healing? Based on my own personal experiences with clear quartz, I strongly suggest adding this amazing gem to your crystal collection. Clear quartz is a perfect choice if you want a master crystal with a lot of healing power. This crystal for healing traumatic emotions helps you to get your thoughts straight and remain calm while you're healing. Clear quartz can help you to set intentions with precision so that you get exactly what you want. It has the highest vibrational frequency of any quartz crystal. Therefore, it's the most powerful gem for manifesting. Clear quartz has a strong connection with the higher self and can help us to bring forth our highest good more easily. It can pull forward precisely what will be of the most benefit for you, bringing light into your life where there was once darkness. When setting an intention with clear quartz it can also be helpful to picture yourself living in that reality and then hold onto that image as though it were already here. Doing this will give your manifestation more power and focus, allowing the powerful energy from your intention to flow through you more easily.

3. Rhodonite: Grief and loss go hand in hand with trauma. Doing the trauma recovery work requires survivors to also focus on doing the grief work. You need rhodonite if you've been holding onto (consciously or subconsciously) anger, resentment, bitterness, grief, loss, depression, and emotional trauma. In 1969, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five common stages of grief. They include:

Though that may seem like a daunting task, you are not alone. The Rhodonite gem is here to help you. By helping you to release toxic emotions or darkness from your heart, mind, and soul, rhodonite guides you toward self-compassion. It can assist you to find inner peace and move onto a brighter, lighter future.

4. Lapis Lazuli: According to the website, "Lapis Lazuli's healing crystal was discovered to relieve anger and negative thoughts. It is a useful tool for those who suffer emotional breakdowns. It calms the senses and opens up the mind to produce knowledge and self-awareness. It is a stone of protection against anxiety. It stimulates clarity, objectivity, and speaks one's truth and emotions. Lapis lazuli emotional healing is not just with the inner issues, but it can let into your life to generate goals and determination. It can wash out the negativity of your mind for you to think clearly. It is considered to be a protection from psychic attacks, bringing deep peace, harmony, reveals inner truth, honesty, compassion, self - awareness, and self-expression. Because of its healing powers, Lapis lazuli is celebrated as being The Wisdom Stone. This stone has a way of making you fearless with your choice or decisions throughout your journey that increases your spirit to become more motivated every day."

5. Rose Quartz: Among practiced healers, rose quartz is a much-prescribed source of energy for past emotional traumas. It includes healing properties for depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and those plagued by the scars of betrayal, manipulation, and abandonment. The soft, gentle, pastel pale pink shade is a good indication of its most commonly known properties of pure love. It's a crystal that represents both giving and receiving authentic love. It's excellent to wear the gem near your heart chakra, such as a necklace, to receive the most benefits. Use the rose quartz as a healing stone to release emotional pain, old baggage, negative thoughts/energy, and trauma. Rose quartz symbolizes unconditional, divine love. It is believed by some to emit a strong vibration of love, joy, and emotional healing.

6. Pink Mangano Calcite: This precious stone has a strong vibration that helps to open the heart and connect with the divine. It is also known as the “stone of peace,” as it helps to ease emotional trauma and heartache. Mangano calcite can also help amplify one’s own energy field and the energies of other stones. Mangano calcite is an excellent stone for meditation, as it can help to still the mind and open the heart to receive guidance from the Higher Realms. It is also helpful for those who are shy or introverted, as it can boost confidence and self-esteem. Mangano calcite is said to be beneficial for the circulatory, the central nervous system, and it can help to ease PMS symptoms. It is a stone of unconditional love and compassion, which can be used to help heal old emotional wounds. The information up above about this gem was found on the website.

Common properties of Mangano Calcite:

  • Gives a strong sense of tranquility.

  • Increases self-confidence and assertiveness.

  • Promotes compassion and universal love.

  • Brings peace and harmony.

  • Eases emotional tensions.

  • Releases past traumas.

  • Helps you cope with negative emotions.

  • Aids in bone disorders and strengthens the immune system.

  • Strengthens the heart.

  • Helps you connect with angelic and celestial realms.

As mentioned up above, 70% to 90% of our worldwide population has experienced at least one traumatic event. Therefore, there's a higher chance that you have trauma and negative energy/emotions trapped inside of your body and cells; cellular memory and epigenetics. However, don't be discouraged because you truly can learn how to release old baggage, negative energies and emotions that are directly linked to your trauma.

What I love is that we have far more power to heal our own trauma than what our world has led us to believe. We can use a wide variety of natural options to release outworn beliefs, old programming by our society, inflammation, chronic pain, emotional wounds, and trauma. Some of the holistic modalities that have worked wonders for me include:

  • Crystals

  • Pure essential oils

  • Energy healing

  • Herbal remedies

  • Professional massage therapy

  • Pet therapy

  • Sound healing music

  • Positive daily affirmations

  • Somatic Embodiment

  • Plus, more

A few tips before you purchase or use crystals:

  1. Make sure that the crystals are pure. Do your homework by checking ingredients before you buy crystals. It must be a reputable company.

  2. Trust your gut instincts when trying to decide which gems to use. Your intuition is accurate. Oftentimes, when I'm picking out a crystal, a specific stone will practically jump out at me. Usually, there's one gem that grabs my attention.

  3. Do your own research to gain more credible facts, knowledge, and wisdom about the healing properties and health benefits of pure crystals. Remember that knowledge is powerful, especially along your own healing journey.

I highly recommend Erin Hollon, a Brooklyn-based artist and manifesting coach. Her business is reputable, trustworthy, and one that I return to regularly when I am open to ordering new gems.

At least 80% of my crystal jewelry has been created by Erin who does custom-made orders as well as regular online orders. Last year, she handmade me a beautiful "trauma release" necklace, which I receive nonstop compliments whenever I wear it.

To learn more about Erin and her crystals, visit her website here.

Medical Disclaimer: The information on my website is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, nor other mental health professionals. It shall not take the place of a medical evaluation, diagnosis, and/or treatment. The information on my website is for educational purposes only. It is to help people to build awareness about practical, non-medical options for improving health and healing trauma. Furthermore, individuals are recommended to seek immediate professional medical care in the event they are suffering mental health and/or medical conditions, including suicidal thoughts, or engaging in destructive, self-harm behaviors.

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