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Need to Contact Me?

Updated: Jun 22

Hello friends! If you had tried to contact me on my website or if you will do so in the future, please read this blog post. It is an important message to improve clear communication online. As bizarre as this may sound, there's been several strangers who have used an incorrect email address. In most cases, their email address wasn't legitimate or the person misspelled their email address. Either way, I am not able to respond to anyone who doesn't provide their accurate information. Another concern for communication with potential clients is some have messaged me on my website in which I'm notified that I cannot reply to them. Therefore, if you want me to respond to you, I will need accurate information from you. If you haven't heard back from me, this could be a big reason why. To promote messages getting sent to me correctly, consider reviewing your email address BEFORE sending. Check your name, your email address, and the spelling of each.

Here's an important notification for you to be aware of:

  1. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I am more like a mentor and guide.

  2. I have a code of ethics that I uphold.

  3. I don't give strangers advice.

  4. I am here to listen and to offer you safe space.

  5. I am not able to give you advice about medicine, medical conditions, etc.

  6. I am not an attorney. I don't offer legal advice.

  7. For those who inquire about my phone number and email address, it's private.

  8. I am not a therapist, nor a consultant. I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. There's a big difference between them.

  9. For all clients, I offer you 'voice and choice."

  10. If you have paid me for various services, I will send you a message to confirm that I've received your payment. I will need your accurate email address to send you client intake forms. If I don't receive a response to you, it is up to you to take responsibility to contact me.

  11. For all electronic payments, I only accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe. It's up to you to consider one of these options if you want to work with me. My top favorite is Zelle because they don't take a percentage from business owners and the payments are instant, which isn't like Venmo or Stripe.

  12. Check your SPAM FOLDER for my response to your message. Some email messages are landing in the spam box.

As a side note, all of the information you send me, whether you become my client or not, it is confidential. I won't share it with anyone. The only case in which I must report something is if you are currently being abused. By law, I am a mandatory reporter in the mental health industry. My client's safety is my top priority.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, it is officially the first day of summer. YAY! I am so excited! Summertime is my busiest coaching season. Last summer, I was swamped with countless clients from June through August. This year will be much different. Keeping that in mind, this summer, I am not taking on as many clients. For my own mental, physical, and spiritual health, I am honoring my season of life where I need balance. A big part of working in the mental health industry is taking time out for my own self-care. For we cannot give to others if our own well is dry. Self-care is essential for me and for you.

To Sign Up for Coaching this Summer:

  • I am working on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Once my schedule is full, potential clients go on a waiting list.

  • To work with me, you are required to answer brief questions before I determine if we are an ideal fit to work together. If you chose to not do so, we won't be working together. These are my professional boundaries.

  • If you don't live in the USA, my ability to work with you is based on your time zone. I've had international clients and it's worked out fine. There are some people who do have a significant difference in their time zone. Feel free to contact me to inquire about it.

  • My summer schedule is working on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 12 PM EST to 7 PM EST. Evening appointments get booked up fast.

  • All coaching services first require an electronic payment. Contact me to get started.

As a survivor and as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I am humbled and honored to be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported. This is my passionate purpose. Best wishes to each of you on your healing journey.

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