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MEGA SALE: One-Month Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Updated: Feb 27

I have exciting news! I am having a mega sale for my one-month Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching. It is 4 one-hour private sessions with me via Zoom. Your potential to heal is worth celebrating!

This is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of my discount to start your healing journey. When you do the math, it's a total savings of $210, which is incredible savings!

Here is what you will receive:

  • 4 one hour private one-on-one sessions with me via Zoom

  • Emotional support by me (voice & choice)

  • A good listener who sees you, hears, you, & validates you

  • Safe space to unpack your trauma without judgment

  • Explore a body-mind connection to recover

  • Set realistic recovery goals to increase your quality of life

  • Inspiration & motivation from me

  • Holistic Modalities

  • Somatic Embodiment to calm your central nervous system

  • Professional resources to support you & your healing journey

Sale Starts: Monday, February 27, 2023

Sale Expires: Monday, March 6, 2023

Timeline: This special discount must be utilized within 30 days of purchase.

Regular Price: $360

Sale Price: $290 for 4 one-hour sessions

The price breaks down to $72.50 per session. Keep in mind that my single coaching session is $125 per session. By choosing a one-month package, you're saving a total of $210 for 4 one-hour sessions.

My Coaching Specialties:

· Narcissistic Abuse

· Dysfunctional Family

· Family Estrangement

· Sibling Abuse

· Child Abuse

· Sexual Abuse

· Complex PTSD/PTSD


· Chronic Pain

· The body-mind connection to trauma

· Intergenerational Trauma

· Somatic Embodiment

Important: At this time, I only have 3 slots open for new clients. This sale is on a first come first serve basis. Once all 3 slots are filled, my sale ends.

Steps to Sign Up for Coaching:

1. Provide your electronic payment name. I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe.

2. Provide your full name and email address linked to your electronic payment.

3. I will send you an invoice.

4. Pay the invoice.

Common Stages of Healing Trauma

  • Denial: Oftentimes, abuse survivors may deny their own reality because it cuts like a knife. It's incredibly painful, yet empowering to admit what had taken place; abuse and trauma. Denial is the greatest barrier. It can keep survivors stuck and disempowered. Healing requires utter honesty with yourself to say, "Yes, the trauma did happen. Yes, it really was that bad."

  • Shock: It is normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions that are up and down. It's common to feel numb, confusion, anger, grief, loss, helplessness, triggers, flashbacks, dissociation, and deep pain. If you're disconnected to yourself, Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching can help you to reconnect to yourself; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Recognition: It's essential to process your pain and traumatic events. The recognition and acceptance are a normal stage of grief. They can liberate you and be therapeutic tools for your trauma recovery. Building awareness is key to understand what you have been through and to shift the energies as you move forward into your future.

  • Acceptance: Healing is a lifelong journey. Similar to the ocean, it ebbs and flows. One moment you may feel as if you are drowning in raging water. Then you may feel like you are staying afloat. Acceptance doesn't mean that the abuse and trauma are okay. It isn't okay. Acceptance is a normal stage of grief and loss. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Release: Are you holding onto toxic people, places, and things that are hurting you? If so, it can prevent you to fully heal. Become more aware of what is sabotaging your ability to recover from trauma. Remember that you don't have to be everything to everyone.

  • Reflect: Give yourself safe space to bear witness to your own trauma. Take a step back from your story, consider your life lessons, and breathe deeply. Self-reflection and taking responsibility for your life is a significant way to shift into positive energy to transform yourself on your healing journey.

  • Emptiness/Grief Work: Take time to mourn everything you have suffered and lost. It's okay to not feel okay. It's fine to dive deep into the stages of grief in effort to feel your authentic human emotions. Let your tears flow. They are cleansing and actually a vital energetic release for your trauma recovery. Release what no longer serves you and your highest good. Release any negative energetic cords or ties to the perpetrators. Shed the heavy burden of guilt and toxic shame. For you are not to blame for the abuse and trauma.

  • Integration: Integrating your new chapter of life and new strategies can take time as well as patience. Extend yourself compassion and grace. Replacing old, outdated habits, belief systems, and unhealthy patterns with new routines, a positive mindset, and much healthier patterns can feel a bit difficult. Trust that you can move through it gently. Do not give up hope. Don't give up on yourself before the healing comes.

  • Transformation: Have the courage to make positive improvements and changes in your overall quality of life. This can look very unique because each survivor has a totally different personality, history, beliefs, experiences, and coping mechanisms. For Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, I will be your mentor to help guide you to break down any barriers into realistic "simplified action steps." One breath at a time. Small steps can add up to become major progress.

If you want to heal from abuse and trauma, don't quit until the healing comes. Although it is not an overnight quick fix, it is so very worth it. The trauma recovery takes time because it is like an onion.

Layer by layer, you will be healing one day at a time. It's beneficial because you will come out stronger, peaceful, happier, and more balanced.

Refund Policy: I do not offer refunds on coaching services. All sales are final.

Coaching Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 12 PM EST to 5 PM EST. If you need evening hours, inquire with me. I look forward to working with you!

Ready to get started? To sign up for my sale, send me a message on my website.

"Never underestimate the power of a person who is healing their trauma. This person has been through the darkest places that the world has to offer and is still standing before you committed to seeing the light."

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