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MEGA DEAL for Trauma Recovery Coaching!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In celebration of launching my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching business, Bloom from the Dark, I am offering a new SENSATIONAL PROMOTION! 💥

Starting on September 14th through September 30th, when you sign up for my three month coaching package (12 sessions at 1 hour each) with me, you receive 40% off. What an incredible savings of $408.00!!! Here is what you will receive:

  • 12 weeks of private one-on-one coaching with me via Zoom

  • Emotional support by me

  • A good listener who validates you

  • Safe space to unpack your trauma without judgment

  • Explore a body-mind connection to recover; physically, emotionally, spiritually, & relationally

  • Set realistic recovery goals to increase your quality of life

  • Inspiration and motivation from me; your coach & mentor

Why I'm offering such a fantastic discount for 3 month coaching: The reality is that you didn't experience only a single traumatic event. In most cases, especially with narcissistic abuse, a dysfunctional family, bullying, and all forms of abuse, it was habitual and long-term. Therefore, your trauma could be compounded with layers and layers of pain, betrayal, anguish, and heartbreak. Similar to therapy, you wouldn't expect to heal in only one session with a counselor.

For Trauma Recovery Coaching, I strongly believe that a single session is a disservice to my clients. It may take one month, if not more, for you to unpack your past abuse and trauma with me. It is not a marathon; more so we work at your pace.

Often, we need time to unravel what is holding you back from living a full life filled with peace of mind, joy, boundaries, and with a beautiful newfound purpose. This three month mega deal is always client-led and with safe space to create effective strategies to help you improve your overall life; mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

When Trauma Recovery Coaching Begins: After you pay in full, I will schedule your first one- on-one coaching session with me. The private coaching sessions with clients will be on a private Zoom call. It requires clients to use the video share so you can see me and I can see you. This is extremely helpful to attune with my clients and to build our coaching/client relationship. Coaching Payment: For this excellent deal, you must pay in full by September 30, 2021. I accept electronic payments by Venmo and Stripe.

Super Promo Coaching Price: $612 (Regular price is $1,020.) The 40% discount is a HUGE savings of $408! It breaks down to the rate of $51/per coaching session, which is very affordable.

Eligibility Requirements: To be considered eligible for my 40% off Coaching Promo, you must be a woman. Next, you must review and sign my Trauma Recovery Coaching Policies & Procedure document. It is mandated by law and I will uphold these important legalities. In addition, you must agree to use your video share so I can see you and you can see me on Zoom. It is extremely helpful for attunement with my clients, which is essential in my coaching practice.

Coaching Promo Details: This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. I am only accepting 5 women clients for my coaching promotion. Once the space is full, the mega deal ends. In addition, once the promo ends, my prices will increase to be competitive to other Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches rates.

Coaching Promo Conditions: You must start your 1st Trauma Recovery Coaching session with me from Monday, September 20, 2021 through Monday, October 4, 2021. All 12 coaching sessions with me must be completed by Monday, November 6, 2021.

Trauma Recovery Coaching Client Intake History: Before our first coaching session, you are required to answer questions pertaining to your basic medical and mental health history. This is mandated by law and I will honor this important element of Trauma Recovery Coaching.

My Trauma Recovery Coaching Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 AM EST to 4 PM EST. If you are only available in the evening hours, I offer limited evening hours twice weekly; Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:30 PM EST and 7 PM EST. Feel free to inquire with me via the chat button on my website.

Grab this affordable discount now because I won’t be offering this deal again! For questions, concerns, and/or payments, contact me via my website chat button.

I so look forward to working with you and offering you safe space to focus on your trauma recovery journey. Please know, dear soul, I see you. I hear you. I validate you. And you deserve to heal.

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