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Life Purpose Coaching Can Equip, Encourage, & Empower You to Live Your Passionate Purpose

When you started 2023, did you create New Year's Resolutions? Perhaps, you set goals to move forward in your career aspirations? Oftentimes, when I have worked with clients for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, they share their dreams with me. They may feel confused about their life purpose. They may not know what their strengths and talents are. Some of my trauma recovery clients have transitioned to Life Purpose Coaching. Once they complete Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, they are determined to figure out where they are headed in life. They want to work with me in effort to gain more insight about their past experiences, work history, talents, and life purpose.

I love being a Life Purpose Coach! What most people don't know is that I've been doing this for over ten years. It is an honor and humbling to be part of someone's healing journey as well as to guide them to live out their purpose. This goes well beyond the physical realm. We dive deep into their spiritual gifts. The focus is more than work-related skills, education, or talents. The reason why is because we are more than a physical body. We are a soul who resides in a physical body. We are here on this planet now for such a time as this. We are here to expand ourselves and to transform our purpose in life.

Your skills, strengths, and talents are not meant to keep to yourself. You were created to share your beautiful self and gifts with others.

Are you stuck in how to live your life purpose? What is holding you back from moving forward? No matter what you are struggling with, I can help you to gain crystal clear clarity to move forward to live your passionate purpose.

As a Life Purpose Coach, my passion is to help you get unstuck in old, limited beliefs about yourself, your dreams, your talents, and finances. By tapping into your hidden strengths, talents, and interests, you will have a much clearer vision to achieve realistic goals. I equip my clients to understand their unique purpose to pursue their brilliant dreams.

There is an inspiring quote by T.D. Jakes. He said, "If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."

Benefits & What You Will Receive with Life Purpose Coaching

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Clarity on your top priorities

  • Heightened awareness about how much value you offer

  • Realistic strategies to reach your goals

  • Determine your strengths, gifts, & talents

  • Eliminate negative self-talk & limiting beliefs

  • Do what you love & what sets your soul on fire

  • Increase your prosperity, success, & abundance

  • Professional resources & emails from me

  • Maintain focus, motivation, and momentum

  • Learn how to unlock your full potential

Life Purpose Coaching Versus Therapy: Life Purpose Coaching is much different compared to counseling or therapy. I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist. I don’t give advice, nor tell you what to do. Instead, I offer you voice and choice to be the CEO in control of your own life, dreams, and goals. While I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, please note that my services for Life Purpose Coaching are significantly different than my services for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching. To learn more about my Trauma Recovery Coaching, visit my page: Coach | My Site (

If you are mostly struggling with unresolved abuse and trauma, I suggest to first work with me as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC). Once you complete your CTRC sessions, you may then be ready to focus on your life purpose. Do what works best for you. Either way, I am here to support you, motivate you, and offer you valuable tools.

I offer three types of Coaching Services:

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Coach | My Site (

2. Life Purpose Coaching

Life Coaching | My Site (

3. Writing Purposely Book Coaching

Book Coaching | My Site (

Plenty of my trauma recovery clients have also hired me as their book coach. I've been a Book Coach for over 10 years. As a published author of six books, I love writing, working with aspiring writers, and giving them credible tools to write their books.

As a Writing Coach, I work with clients to identify and clear obstacles so they can move forward with confidence. I provide them with knowledge, education, and insights. We collaborate together to customize their writing their goals. With customized one-on-one book coaching, you can achieve your writing goals more efficiently and confidently.

My Life Purpose Coaching Specialties: My Life Purpose Coaching services specialize in men and women who seek empowerment, education, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to step into their life purpose.

My Life Purpose Coaching Services: My Life Purpose Coaching services provides private coaching sessions for one hour on Zoom. As your mentor, I will partner with you to lead you through the process of creating action-driven goals that reflect your vision. We will get to the root of your deepest aspirations. Then we will take your seed of an idea, plant it, grow it, and watch it blossom into success. Get ready, get set, and start to flourish!

For Life Purpose Coaching, I offer:

  1. A Single One-Hour Session

  2. A Package of 4 One-Hour Sessions

I am going to end my blog post on this note. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Book Coach, and Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, I didn't get to where I am today by letting fear get in the way. I didn't overcome real battles, hardships, and fierce trials by playing small. I didn't become a published author, public speaker, coach, or energy practitioner by accident. Rather, I first had worked with a Life Purpose Coach, Book Coach, Trauma Coaches, and Energy Healing Practitioners as the client because I knew that I was meant to touch other lives in a powerful way. Over ten years ago, I was aware of some of my writing and speaking talents. I invested in myself, my education, my healing, and my passionate purpose because I believed I have special gifts that offer incredible value. I was a late bloomer in my life. Simply stated, I am a work in progress. Currently, I am still pursuing higher education, gaining more credible skills, and I'm in a totally new season of life. As I reflect back on this past decade, I am grateful for believing in my dreams, goals, and passionate purpose. Also, I am thankful for trusting in miracles.

"Miracles happen everyday. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you." ~ Jon-Bon Jovi

I have been blessed with countless miracles that have no logical explanation. Some were medical. Others were spiritual, financial, and supernatural miracles beyond my wildest dreams. I don't need an explanation for it. My soul knows what my soul knows. I am grateful for each miracle and blessing. Today, I encourage you to not let fear stop you from shining your light. May you bravely and boldly reach for the stars! To take a chance on something positive. To believe in yourself, your passions, and a brighter future. I am cheering you on! "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein Ready to get started in Life Purpose Coaching? Send me a message on my website. To learn more about how Life Purpose Coaching can benefit you, visit my page.

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