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Intuitive Coaching Sale #BusinessLaunch

Happy Monday! I am thrilled to announce the official launch of my new business endeavor, Intuitive Coaching! For anyone who signs up to work with me for One-Month Intuitive Coaching from August 1st through August 8th, you will receive an awesome savings of $140.

Intuitive Coaching is an advanced coaching technique that is gentle and safe. This incredible practice integrates principles of both traditional Life Coaching with Holistic Coaching. There is a body, mind, and soul connection.

Intuition is referred to as the “inner knowing.” It’s a soft voice speaking to you. If you struggle to hear your intuition, it can make it challenging for you to trust yourself, to trust others, and to trust the remarkable signs that cross your path. Everyone has intuition. However, not everyone is tapped into this special gift. The good news is that by working with me, an Intuitive Coach. you can activate your intuition to gain more clarity.

Your intuition is an inner guidance inside of you. It’s a gut instinct or the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning or needing an explanation.

Intuition is the strongest tool we have. Yet, too often we forget to use it, or we aren't sure where to begin. If you're feeling lost, unmotivated, or unsure of the best path to take, it's time to look inward and to listen to your soft inner guidance. Intuitive Coaching can help you to connect with your intuition, discover your soul's calling, release what's not in alignment to you, and to lead a life where you feel inspired, joyful, and peaceful.

According to “Intuition is the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought or inference. Immediate cognition, knowledge, or conviction gained by intuition.

Benefits of Intuitive Coaching:

· Help you to gain clarity & wisdom

· Learn how to activate your intuition

· Shift your mindset for your highest good

· Self-empowerment & Confidence

· May help you to heal; physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, etc.

· Assist you to release worries, fears, & stress

· Help you to see your full potential

· Learn to set healthy boundaries

· Motivate you to take realistic action steps forward

· Reconnect to your inner self & soul essence

· Achieve your goals & highest aspirations

Why Hire an Intuitive Coach?

A few reasons why people seek an Intuitive Coach is because they need crystal clear insight, real answers to real concerns, to trust their intuition, to receive assistance to release emotional baggage, and/or they want to improve specific areas in their lives. (Relationship issues, health challenges, career goals, life purpose, spiritual expansion, emotional support, peace of mind, balance, etc.)

People hire an Intuitive Coach for a lot of different reasons. Some people want a better understanding about what’s holding them back from living up to their fullest potential, to heal relationships, to make improvements with their health, for career aspirations, to strengthen their spirituality, or for their inner healing. Or for a totally different reason.

Why work with me?

The average person who chooses to work with me is because they typically have crossed paths with me on my YouTube channel, on social media, or they were referred to me by someone who had already worked with me. They coach with me because they know that I have done a significant amount of healing work in my own life; physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally, and aspirationally. Most important, people are aware that I understand abuse, trauma, toxic relationships, family dysfunction, chronic pain, life challenges, energy healing, and holistic modalities. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see my professional and educational credentials.

"Learn to trust your intuition. It's the voice of your soul." ~ Unknown Author

Most clients have a variety of concerns in which they seek wisdom for their:

· Relationships

· Physical Health

· Mental & Emotional Health

· Heal Abusive Dynamics

· Improve Finances

· Creativity & Personal Expansion

· Spiritual Growth

· Aspirations & Life Purpose

· Family Concerns

· Heal Ancestral Trauma

· Setting Boundaries

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Location: The comfort of your home & on Zoom.

Intuitive Coaching Has 5 Factors: There is a body, mind, & soul connection for all five components.

1. Your Physical Health

2. Your Mental/Emotional Health

3. Your Spiritual Health

4. Your Relationships

5. Your Aspirations & Goals

What You Receive:

1. Private one-on-one Intuitive Coaching with me

2. A good listener who validates you

3. Help to heal your inner wounds

4. Safe space where you receive voice & choice

5. Wisdom and insight from me

6. Explore a body, mind, & soul connection to understand what’s hindering your life, health, relationships, etc.

7. Inspiration & motivation by me

8. Professional resources to support you

Intuitive Coaching Details

Sale Starts: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Sale Ends: Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Private Sessions: 4 one-hour coaching sessions

Regular Price: $350 (Package offers a $100 discount)

Sale Price: $320 (It breaks down to $80/hour.) A single coaching session is $115. A regular one month package of Intuitive Coaching without the discounted rate is $450. I do offer all coaching packages a discount because it entails more sessions. Let’s do the math.

$100 + $30 Discount = $140 Savings! This will be the last time I offer this incredible discount for Intuitive Coaching. Grab this deal now!

Electronic Payments: Zelle, Venmo, & Stripe

Steps to Sign Up for Coaching:

1. Provide your electronic payment. {Zelle, Venmo, or Stripe.)

2. Provide your full name & email address for your electronic payment.

3. I will send you an invoice.

4. Pay the invoice.

Refund Policy: I don’t offer refunds. All sales are final.

COACHING HOURS: Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 PM EST to 6 PM EST. For Tuesdays, I am available between 12 and 2 PM EST. If you need later evening hours on Monday or Wednesday, inquire with me.

Intuitive Coaching Versus Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Intuitive Coaching isn't therapy, nor the same as Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching (CTRC). They are very different. The main difference is that CTRC is for clients to unpack their abuse and trauma in safe space. They explore recovery goals in effort to heal. Mostly, CTRC is a lot of talking and discussing what you have suffered. Intuitive Coaching is a safe and holistic practice to help clients to tap into their "inner knowing" and intuition. Intuitive Coaching focuses on improving the clients physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well as gaining crystal clear clarity for their relationships, aspirations, life purpose, plus more. Intuitive Coaching is all about “doing.” It can equip clients to take realistic action steps to move forward in their life beyond their wildest dreams. If you’ve never processed or sought trauma-informed coaching for past abuse and trauma, I recommend to first try CTRC. Intuitive Coaching is for those who have already started their healing work of trauma and they're ready to accelerate their recovery, plus shift their focus to take back their power within all facets of their life well beyond mental health.

Dana Arcuri’s Credentials: Dana has professional training in Intuitive Coaching Techniques, Advanced Quantum Energy Healing, Keys to Activate Clairvoyance, Spiritual Trauma, Ancestral Trauma Healing, Certified Master Energy Practitioner, and Life Purpose Coach training. Dana Arcuri is a graduate of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC) and she is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. She has a certificate in Somatic Embodiment, Emotional Regulation Strategies, and Certified Master Energy Practitioner (level 3). In addition, she's been working with trauma survivors in many capacities for 20 years. Dana is an Amazon Bestselling author of six books, she's a professional speaker, and she has been a YouTuber for 12+ years. Dana has 12 years experience working as a Life Purpose Coach and a Book Coach for Writing Purposely Book Coaching. To learn more about Quantum Energy Healing, visit my page:

To learn more about Intuitive Coaching, visit my page:

Ready to get started? Send me a private message on my website. I look forward to working with you!

"Trust your intuition. You don't need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone. Just trust your own inner guidance, it knows best." ~ Author Unknown

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