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Wise Women Rise: Women's Healing Circle (Early Bird Discount!)

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I have an exciting announcement! Starting in October 2022, I will be leading and facilitating Wise Women Rise, which is a women's healing circle. For one year, I've had this new venture on my heart. Recently, I received divine signs for the green light to go for it. I am doing a happy dance!

Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to empower each other and share their wisdom. This sacred space offers us to be unapologetically our true selves through the tears, laughter, and triumphs, while sharing our stories and special gifts. We heal in a safe community with unity and support.

A women's healing circle is created to offer 5 C's:

  1. Community - To make heartfelt connections to other women.

  2. Compassion - To know that you are worthy of compassion.

  3. Communication - To clearly articulate our experiences.

  4. Collaboration - To work with one another & share our special gifts.

  5. Creativity - To use creative expressions for our healing journey. (Art, music, dancing, stretching, writing, being in nature, etc.)

Wise Women Rise Healing Circle take group coaching to a new, soul-centered level. It brings women together from all over the world to support each other on their healing journeys. Women healing circles offer support (physical, emotional, and spiritual), guidance, coaching, and it holds space for women to be heard.

As the bond of the women's circle deepens, a feeling of harmony, peace, and unity is created, which can lead to increased healing of our body, mind, and soul. We will be meeting virtually on Zoom for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Currently, I am working on the specifics for my women's healing circle, such as if we will meet once a month or twice a month. The three-month membership fee is based on how often we meet.

Facts about Wise Women Rise Healing Circle/Group Coaching:

  • First Healing Circle: Thursday, October 6, 2022

  • Time: 7 to 8:15 PM EST

  • Place: Zoom (The comfort of your home).

  • Circle Membership: A 3-month commitment. (October to December 2022)

  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Sign up early to receive an EXTRA $15 OFF the regular fee.

  • EARLY BIRD PRICE: $150 (This breaks down to $50/per circle gathering. The awesome total savings is $85!)

  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: It starts on September 7, 2022

  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ENDS: September 14, 2022

Ready to join this incredible healing community of bravehearted women? Contact me here:

  • Registration Form: There is an application form to complete to determine who is an ideal match for Wise Women Rise Healing Circle. Message me to apply for the Wise Women Rise Healing Circle.

  • Maximum Women: To keep this group intimate, I'm accepting 8 members.

  • Monthly Topics: For each gathering, we will have a new topic of discussion. Occasionally, there will be professional speakers, artists, musicians, writers, holistic wellness experts, and mental health professionals.

  • Regular Price: $165 (It breaks down to $55/month. Group coaching is much more affordable compared to one-one-one coaching, which is $125/single one hour session. A total savings of $70!)

  • Sign Up Expires: On September 22, 2022. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. It requires an electronic payment of Venmo or Zelle.

Who is the Women's Healing Circle for?

  • Adult women who've experienced abuse or trauma.

  • Women craving empowerment and speaking their truth.

  • Women interested in personal & spiritual expansion. (Wise Women Rise is not affiliated with organized religion, nor any particular denomination. We welcome all walks of life.)

  • Women who are open to somatic embodiment & holistic modalities.

  • Women seeking a nourishing, compassionate community.

  • Women who are ready to take their healing to the next level.

  • Women who will invest in their trauma recovery & commit to 3 months.

What members will receive for the Women's Healing Circle Membership:

  • Heartfelt discussions, self-care rituals, & mind/body practices

  • Emotional support by myself & the group members

  • A good listener who validates you

  • Safe space to share your story without judgment

  • Private group coaching/facilitating by me via Zoom

  • Explore somatic embodiment, mindfulness, & natural options

  • Set realistic recovery goals to increase your quality of life

  • Inspiration, motivation, and personal accountability

  • Professional resources to support you and your healing journey

  • Opportunity to make friends with likeminded women

  • Education by professional speakers, healers, artists, & wellness experts

In both my personal and professional life, I’ve experienced and have heard many women express how they struggle in their relationships with other women. Women survivors can trigger women, especially if there is heightened competition, insecurity, manipulation, or harsh judgments.

For Wise Women Rise Healing Circle, there is zero tolerance for disparaging remarks, bullying, criticisms, and/or toxic shaming within this group. Prior to joining the women's healing circle/group coaching, each woman must review my policies and guidelines. You are required to sign your signature in adherence to follow each policy. In addition, each member must complete an application for registration for Wise Women Rise Healing Circle.

When women gather in circle with authenticity and openness, a container for healing and self-discovery is created. It gives us room to explore being free of habits and belief systems that drain our energy. We will focus on each woman's worthiness, uniqueness, and special skills.

This container can guide us to embrace our feminine nature – emotional, creative, reflective, and flowing. It gives each of us the opportunity to heal our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with other women by dissolving judgement, criticisms, and negativity.

Women survivors truly need a sacred space to be heard, seen, and respected. To have an enjoyable place where they are nourished, encouraged, inspired, and empowered.

My Credentials: Dana Arcuri is a graduate of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). She has been working as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach for one year. She has a certificate in Somatic Embodiment and Emotional Regulation Strategies. Also, she has professional training by the IAOTRC for Spiritual Trauma. Dana has a certificate in energy healing, plus 25+ years' experience in holistic modalities, essential oils, herbalism, and wellness approaches to healing. Dana has been working with trauma survivors in a variety of capacities for 20 years. She is an Amazon Bestselling author of six books, she's a professional speaker, and she has been a YouTuber for over 11 years. Dana has 10 years' experience working as a Life Purpose Coach and a Book Coach for Writing Purposely Book Coaching.

If you have questions or concerns about Wise Women Rise Healing Circle, send me a private message on my website. Also, please take your vote on one important aspect about our circle that needs ironed out. Do you prefer to meet once a month or twice a month?

If you have ideas for future Women's Healing Circle discussions/teachings, I'd be happy to hear them. If you are a business owner, healer, mental health professional, trauma expert, Empath, or Healer who is interested in being a guest speaker/instructor for a future gathering, contact me here. I am so excited for this new venture, and I look forward to connecting to each of you!

"Each time women gather in circles with each other, the word heals a little more." UPDATE: Today, my new page on this website went live. It is Wise Women Rise information and details about this incredible Women's Healing Circle/Group Coaching program.

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