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How to Make Your Home a Sacred Sanctuary

Do you desire to have peace of mind? If so, today's blog post is about how to make your home a sacred sanctuary. A sanctuary is a sacred space. One top reason to decorate your home to become your sacred sanctuary is to promote inner peace.

For me, sacred space isn't about organized religion. Instead, my own sacred sanctuary in my home is about creating a calming atmosphere that's tranquil, relaxing, and to integrate my spiritual beliefs. It represents me, my transformation, and how far I've come along my healing journey.

According to, "Sacred space is time and space we set aside, or which spontaneously arises, to experience a depth, richness, and sense of meaning that usually escapes us in fast-paced everyday life when we are not as connected as we could be with our body, intuition, good thinking, compassion and empathy, and other emotions."

Our home is where we usually spend a lot of time. Since I work remotely from home, this is even more vital for me to turn the room where I do coaching and energy healing to be the most peaceful, beautiful, cozy space. It only makes sense that we'd want our house to represent a happy atmosphere. To decorate it in whichever style fits us, our unique personality, and our creativity.

The purpose of intentionally creating a sacred space is to promote:

  • Relaxing environment

  • Calming for your central nervous system

  • The highest vibration of divine love

  • Positive energy in your home

  • Safety & Protection

  • Toxic-free Environment

  • Laughter & Joy

  • Balance & Harmony

  • Positive communication

  • A reflection of your spirituality

  • Clean, organized space

  • Less Stress & Anxiety

  • To emotionally regulate ourselves

  • To tap into our five senses

I love this idea for a bedroom! The color green represents abundance, earth, harmony, a new beginning, spiritual growth, health, renewal, peace, fruitfulness, money, safety, security, and healing power. The twinkle lights, candles, and plants really give this room an overall serene vibe.

Some ideas to create your own cozy sanctuary includes:

  • Candles

  • Twinkle lights

  • Crystals

  • Soft blankets

  • Pillows

  • Fresh Plants & Flowers

  • Statutes of angels, hearts, red cardinals, owls, butterflies, etc.

  • Beautiful tapestries to hang on your walls

  • Room Diffuser for pure essential oils

  • Artwork, paintings, ceramic's, etc.

  • Lovely nature photography, such as waterfalls, the ocean, rainbow, etc.

  • Plus, so much more

For those who love colorful tapestries, they are great for sprucing up a room, adding geometrical shapes, designs, and a cool space to chill out. Tapestries can be found on Amazon, at holistic shops, and at places that I refer to as "hipster shops."

Wish you could visit the Northern Lights? One fun idea is to order the Northern Lights tapestry. It is absolutely beautiful!

You may wonder, "What do I bring into my sacred space?" A simple way to start is to connect with a few of your senses. Here's cool ideas:

  • For sight and touch, bring in healing crystals, relics, or anything else that gets you into the mood for spiritual re-centering. If you place a crystal in your space, you need to cleanse it and set your intention for it. My home is surrounded by crystal's. I feel they hold that space of our energy and send positive vibes into our home.

  • For smell, light your incense, diffuse your essential oils, burn sage or palo santos, or whatever soothing scents that make you feel at peace. Sandalwood and Frankincense are especially beneficial for getting into a meditative or prayer state.

  • For sound, play tranquil music, use a singing bowl or some high-frequency music to send pleasure-producing chemicals throughout your body. Music can bring you into a deeper meditative state.

  • Implement the symbolic act of lighting a candle. When you light a candle at the beginning of your practice, you’re signifying the start of your connection to your higher source or creator. It makes it clear to your spirit that you are transitioning to a new state of mind. For me, I use nontoxic, unscented candles. (Beware of fake, artificial scented candles because they are not good to breath in, and they can cause migraines, plus aggravate health conditions.)

As a big fan of the healing power of crystals, I have a large collection. Some of my gems are in my living room or on my desk. Most of my beautiful crystals are in my bedroom. My top favorite stones are amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger's eye, clear quartz, rose quartz, and selenite.

For a dining room, living room, or game room, one idea is to use twinkle lights along your entire wall. You can add gorgeous wreaths, framed pictures, candles, and knickknacks that resonate with you. Or your cental focus could be a cozy fireplace to decorate with a soft throw rug, colorful pillows, and a homemade afghan.

When you are decorating your sacred sanctuary, choose the shades that lift you up, make you feel good, or bring you inner peace. Purple is one of my favorite colors. It's rich, vibrant, and such a royal shade.

I love this picture up above with the cool lighting, soft pillows, blankets, and twinkle lights strung inside the large plant. It's cozy and calming for your soul.

Here's another idea for your living room. I like the branches in the corner that have twinkle lights and decorations on them. In my dining room, I have a rustic wooden ladder with stars and twinkle lights all through it. For each holiday, I add festive bulbs that coordinate with the season. My Easter decor has pastel shades of yellow, lavender, baby blue, and pink.

Creating a sacred space will also help to support any healing therapies such as meditation, yoga, journaling, and your trauma recovery. It’s common knowledge that interior design can affect your mood and well-being.

Doesn't this bedroom look so cozy and comfortable? The black cat reminds me of my rescue cat Binx. The owl pillow resonates with me and divine signs of owls that are symbolic for wisdom, our inner knowing, and intuition. I'd love to decorate my own bedroom with the feminine lace intertwined by twinkle lights.

As Coco Chanel once said, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” While it's most advantageous to use decor and furnishings which are beautifully striking, the most important aspect of a sacred space is how the energy feels. Pay attention to how you feel. When you are inside a room in your home, does it make you feel calm, stressed out, anxious, happy, content, joyful, or safe? When decorating your sacred space, be sure to choose a theme that uplifts your mood, calms your nerves, and overall surrounds you with peace.

Every room in your home should feel special and comfortable for your lifestyle and needs, a basic guideline for optimal living and well-being. In particular, your sacred sanctuary should serve as the place where you leave behind the chaos of the world. It is your safe space to go inward to heal and to restore your mind-body-spirit.

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