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Goodbye to My YouTube Channel: It's Time for Me to Fly!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. You may need to sit down for this news. For some of you, it can be a shock. For others who know me very well, this may not be a surprise. During my recent YouTube break that began on March 1, 2022 through now, everything has become crystal clear for me. With distance and time away, I have been more able to discern what is best for me and my future endeavors. Ironically, on March 30, 2022, it will be my 11th anniversary of being a YouTuber and creator on this platform. What an amazing adventure it has been for me!

Over the past four to six months, there’s been something gradually coming to my conscious reality. Slowly, it has reached a point of being so clear, so vivid, and so loud that I cannot ignore it.

I am at a wonderful, sacred place in which I will not permit people, places, or things to drain me. After a lot of contemplation, pondering, and listening to that soft voice within in, I had a major AHA moment last night.

Although YouTube had once been a significant part of my life, it no longer aligns with where I am heading. In addition, due to how much time is involved with creating YouTube videos, doing research for each video, the incredible amount of work to review each comment, and the time and energy to reply to each comment, it's reached a point of no longer being able to continue this.

For those who don't have a popular YouTube channel, this is hard work. Period. I will not sugarcoat it. I am going to keep it real.

Obviously, there are pros and cons. I don't get paid one cent for giving my time, my educational content, my energy, my resources, and my professional knowledge. The only people who really "get it" are those who have been on YouTube as a creator for the long-haul. The truth is that many of us YouTubers who have been around for a decade or longer, many of us have been burnt out. And we may have be in a new place in our lives where we want our privacy to live our lives without being under a microscope for the public.

I cannot be everything to everyone. After giving so much of myself freely to the YouTube community, it has become too exhausting for me; physically, mentally, spiritually, and professionally. There is only one of me and hundreds of comments to weed through and to reply to. It has been depleting my time, energy, and focus from my coaching business, my family, and my responsibilities. While I have enjoyed creating over 300+ YouTube videos over this past decade, it is time for me to say goodbye to my YouTube channel. At this time, I cannot say if my extended YouTube break will be for three months, six months, one year, or permanently. What I can say with confidence is that I am listening to my inner voice. I am trusting my intuition, which has been guiding me all along in this beautiful thing called life. I will honor exactly where I am at. I will not apologize for choosing what aligns to my mission, my purpose, and to what makes my soul feel peaceful.

The good news is that my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching business is flourishing. In addition, my writing coaching is doing well. I am now offering one-on-on book Coaching for writers who want to learn how to write their nonfiction books. It is an incredible blessing in my life.

Oftentimes, when we pick up something new, it requires us to let go of what no longer serves us and doesn’t align with our goals. This has led to my decision to say goodbye to my YouTube channel. However, all of my videos will remain on my channel for people to view, to be educated, to build awareness, and to offer emotional support.

Major positive changes are on the horizon. My gut instincts are an awesome guide. They are always spot on and have my best interests at heart. I trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Great things are about to unfold and I embrace this incredible new chapter in my life. This week, I am turning off the comments on my YouTube channel and videos. This way, I will have more time and energy to focus on my top priorities, my coaching business, responsibilities, and my personal life.

I am very grateful for making many awesome connections with men and women on my YouTube channel over the past 11 years. Whether I have helped one person or a million people, I have accomplished my mission and purpose in life.

There have been many new changes waiting for me in the wings of the right moment to come on stage. Such a time as this, I am welcoming my new season to move ahead.

I am taking heed of the wisdom and revelation that is for my soul’s higher purpose. Like the chrysalis, I am ready to fly. To step out of the dark cocoon and into the light. I am so excited to emerge into a beautiful butterfly who grabs her wings to soar higher!

For women who are interested in my coaching services, I offer:

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching Life Coaching | My Site (

2. Writing Purposely Book Coaching Book Coaching | My Site (

3. Life Purpose Coaching Life Coaching | My Site (

To inquire about my coaching services, contact me here on my website. Best wishes to each of you and your healing journey. Warmly,


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