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End the Toxic Family Legacy: Family Estrangement Classes

It is no surprise that when you were raised in a dysfunctional family where there’s ritual abuse, you can experience one or more broken relationships. It could be with your siblings, mother, father, grandparents, cousins, or other relatives.

In our society, there is a stigma, especially towards adult children who are now estranged from one or more family members. There is a double-standard.

Our society has a false myth that if a parent cuts ties with their adult child, it’s perfectly fine. People support the adult parent. Even if this parent neglected and abused their child. Yet, our society dumps toxic shame, blame, and offensive judgment onto adult children who are estranged from their family of origin.

A recent British survey defines family estrangement as, “The breakdown of supportive relationships between family members. The heartbreak of family estrangement is that those who are supposed to support you, don’t. Those who should be on your side, aren’t.”

In the British study, over 50% of people estranged from a parent said that they cut off the contact. When asked why they went no contact with their parent, the estranged adult child stated, “We could never have a functional relationship again.”

According to credible resources, sibling estrangement is MUCH HIGHER compared to parental estrangement. According to statistics, it is equally as prominent as divorce in our society.

This goes well beyond ‘sibling rivalry.’ Sibling estrangement is ROOTED to sibling abuse. For you, it may have been nonstop bullying, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, retaliation, cruelty, violence, and outright criminal actions.

In effort to build awareness and to provide emotional support to adult children who’ve suffered family abuse, I’m offering 4 one-hour classes on Zoom. Each class is live.

Classes Start: Monday, July 11, 2022.

Zoom Classes: Classes are on each Monday evening from July 11th through Monday, August 1st. There are 4 one-hour classes that are live on Zoom.

Class Time: 7 PM EST to 8 PM EST

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Sign up on June 6, 2022 through June 14, 2022 to receive a discounted price. ($30 Savings!)

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $170 (It breaks down to $42.50/per class.)

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: You sign up by making an electronic payment. I will send you an invoice. After you pay the invoice, you are officially registered for my 4 Zoom classes.

The competitive price for Family Estrangement classes and workshops is well over $200. The Early Bird Discount is an awesome deal!

Regular Price: On June 15, 2022 to June 24, 2022, the rate is $200. (It breaks down to $50/per class.)

Class Registration: To sign up for the 4 one hour Zoom classes, it requires an electronic payment.

Registration Expiration: June 24, 2022 is the final day to sign up. All payments must be received no later than June 24, 2022.

As a trauma survivor, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, advocate, and trauma-informed expert, the goal of my online classes is to promote awareness and safe space. What you will receive:

· Emotional support

· Credible facts

· Educational awareness

· A safe community

· Content about dysfunctional families, narcissistic abuse, sibling abuse, trauma, family estrangement, & the insidious aftermath of various types of abuse, including mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, & spiritual abuse.

· Eye-opening information about family estrangement statistics.

· Reasons why abuse survivors estrange from one or more family members.

· Common emotions, trauma responses, and experiences of estranged adult children.

· Credible professional resources.

· Connect online with other abuse survivors.

· The healing journey of grief work & trauma recovery

· Compassion: Each survivor will be seen, heard, respected, & validated.

How to Sign Up: To sign up, it requires an electronic payment.

Electronic Payment: I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe.

Invoice: I will send you an invoice for your payment. After you make your payment, you are officially signed up for 4 one hour classes via Zoom.

Refund Policy: I do not offer refunds on Zoom classes.

There is a stigma for family estrangement, especially with adult children who cut the ties to one or more family members. It is time to break the stigma. To build awareness. To join together in a safe space to bear witness to each survivor whose last resort was to end the abuse cycle.

May each person who has estranged from their family of origin know that it is not your fault. The perpetrators who abused you must be held accountable.

Ready to heal and build a higher quality of life? Your new motto is: IT STOPS HERE WITH ME.

You, your children, grandchildren, and future generations deserve so much better. If you grew up in a toxic family, may you have the courage to break your devastating toxic family legacy.

In my 4 classes, you will learn how to transform your pain into wisdom. How to go from barely surviving to thriving. To learn how to end the family dysfunctional patterns that are hurting you. To be the brave soul who breaks the abuse cycle and who heals trauma.

For questions, contact me on my website. I look forward to working with you in my upcoming classes.

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