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Embracing a New Chapter in My Life

Over the past four months, I’ve experienced a big energetic shift. I am starting a beautiful new chapter in my life. It has led to more clarity, focus, and saying goodbye to the older version of myself.

Near the end of 2021, I sensed that it was time to release what no longer serves my highest good. To let go of people, places, and things that are not part of my life anymore.

Four years ago, I took a leap of faith. I was transparent and vulnerable by sharing my own rock bottom moments publicly. It was a bit intimidating, yet also therapeutic for me.

I have been on YouTube for 11 years. Alot has changed in a decade. My messages have always been to help others, to encourage people, and to give them educational content to build awareness about many important topics. So much has shifted in these past 11 years. Huge and amazing changes.

For four years, I have created YouTube videos, blog posts, and several books that have pertained to narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse, family estrangement, gaslighting, manipulation, triangulation of relationships, smear campaigns, sexual abuse, and the betrayal of a toxic family unit.

For those interested in my six books, here's the link to check it out.

Thousands of strangers, if not more, have shared that my true stories resonated with them. They have very similar experiences as me, including child abuse, sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, narcissistic abuse, and abusive siblings. The common theme that we each share; trauma wounds.

Oftentimes, these strangers who’ve never met me have commented on my YouTube videos and Twitter page. Or they’ve sent me private messages saying how much they appreciate my educational content. They said that I have saved their life, gave them strength, and that I gave them hope to carry on.

To each one of you, thank you! I am so grateful for each one of you. For your words of affirmation, encouragement, kindness, and compassion. Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship.

As I have spent countless months reflecting on what matters most to me and what is best for me, I've determined that I will be making new changes in my life. It will impact my website, my YouTube channel, my Twitter page, and every facet of my life; online and offline.

Simply stated, talking about narcissistic abuse, toxic people, gaslighting, manipulation, smear campaigns, and anything else pertaining to unhealthy dynamics is no longer helpful for me. After four years, I have said what needed said. And I am now ready to move forward.

After talking, writing, and speaking about those painful subjects for four years, I’ve reached a new place. Right now, I don’t believe this is healthy for me to continue talking and writing about what has deeply hurt me; physically, emotionally, spiritually, personally, and professionally.

The biggest reason why is because I have done so much of the inner child healing work. I have given it 100% of myself in effort to recover from abuse and trauma. I have worked with therapists, energy healers, and trauma experts who specialize in holistic modalities. It's worked wonders for me! I am so thankful this chapter of abuse and trauma is behind me.

Therefore, I wave goodbye to my past. I let go of my younger self. I release that old chapter that doesn’t resonate with where I am today. I detach from what has reached the end in order for me to start afresh. I am so excited for this new beginning!

Today, I am more confident. I am more empowered. I am stronger, wiser, and courageous. I am on the other side of healing trauma. I feel liberated, free, and on fire for this new season ahead of me! Woot woot!

What is crystal clear to me:

· I will stay true to myself.

· I will do what is healthiest, safest, and best for life.

· I will stand strong in my boundaries, beliefs, and faith.

· I will use my amazing strengths, gifts, education, and talents for the betterment of our world.

· I will be a healing balm to bear witness to each abuse survivor.

· I will provide emotional support to trauma survivors, especially my coaching clients.

· I will give each person safe space to unpack their trauma.

· I will see them, hear them, and validate them.

· I will continue to grow; personally, professionally, and spiritually.

· I will not rehash my child neglect and abuse.

· I am done rehashing narcissistic abuse and sibling abuse.

· I will no longer have YouTube videos that are draining me and exhausting me.

· I will not publicly speak about whatever insults my soul.

· I will honor this new season of my life.

· I will give myself permission to explore new topics that lift other’s up, that motivate, and inspire other people.

· I will make significant improvements; online and offline.

· I will create new content that aligns with my passionate purpose.

· I will share credible educational content to build awareness about trauma, the healing process, and how to increase our quality of life, despite if we experience triggers, flashbacks, and a normal trauma response.

· I will place my trauma coaching clients as my priority.

· I will take breaks on social media and my blog to replenish my body, mind, and soul.

· I will promote a positive message of healing, health, and hope.

My intentions are to focus on what is good for me. To concentrate on what aligns to my passionate pursuits, dreams, and aspirations. The best is yet to come!

As for those who are currently in the midst of toxic, abusive relationships, I am still coaching clients who are dealing with this. I specialize in narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, dysfunctional family, sexual abuse, and so forth. To learn more about my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching specialties and business, visit this page.

I will continue to support them, to provide educational information to them, and to privately discuss whatever topics they want to chat about. Each trauma recovery client receives voice and choice. This means that coaching is client-focused.

Ultimately, my past has changed me into the woman who I am today. I'm grateful for each lesson learned; positive and negative. For it has transformed me. It has led to my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. My soul is at peace. Like the butterfly, I have embraced my wings. Ready, get set, it’s time to soar! 🦋

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