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Discovery Calls for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

What is a discovery session? It is the first opportunity you’ll have to meet me; a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. Discovery sessions give both of us a chance to get to know one another and to determine if we are both an ideal fit to work together.

The discovery session is 30 minutes long via Zoom. During our call, we can both ask important questions, explore your intentions for working with me, consider how I can best help you to process your abuse and trauma, and explore helpful tools that may be beneficial for your trauma recovery.

As with all of my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching sessions, the discovery session takes place in a safe environment online. Oftentimes, it’s in the comfort of your own home.

Important Fact to be aware of: A discovery call isn’t an actual coaching session. In our 30 minute Zoom meeting, we are merely getting acquainted. We are discussing essential factors involved with Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, especially what you prefer to focus on for your healing journey.

The top core traits in potential clients that I am looking for is:

· Do both of our personalities flow well together?

· Are you looking for someone to talk with or are you primarily seeking advice?

· What specific type of emotional support do you prefer?

· Are you fully committed to yourself, to the healing process, and to me as your coach?

· Are you invested in the lengthy healing journey or are you seeking a quick fix?

· Can you clearly articulate what you need and hope for in coaching? Or do you struggle to communicate effectively?

· Are you open to my recovery tips, ideas, constructive criticism, and/or my feedback?

· Most importantly, are you teachable and coachable? Or do you resist doing the hard work of the trauma recovery?

· Do you prefer a traditional approach in coaching, a holistic approach, or both?

· Lastly, are you an ideal fit for me and am I an ideal fit for you in our client/coach relationship?

Other Discovery Questions to Explore:

· ‍What brought you here today?

· How do you see a coach supporting you right now?

· What’s your biggest challenge right now?

· If you could imagine your ideal life, what would it look like?

Discovery Session Price: $25 (Paid in full before your Zoom Call.)

Ready to get started? To reserve your 30 minute discovery call with me, it requires a payment.

Electronic Payment: I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe.

How this works: I need your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS linked to your electronic payment.

Invoice: I will send you an invoice for $25. After you make your payment, I will schedule your 30 minute discovery session and give you the Zoom link.

My Schedule: I do discovery calls on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between 12 PM EST and 5 PM EST. For evening hours, contact me.

For my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching prices and packages: Prices | My Site (

Discovery Session Policies: Honesty and transparency is essential. As an abuse survivor and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I have firm, non-negotiable healthy boundaries for myself; professionally and personally. During each of my Zoom Discovery meetings, it is my policy that each potential client is transparent in their true identity. It’s vital to create a positive, safe environment built on trust, transparency, and authenticity. Each person must reveal their true identity and who they are in by using the video and audio share button to show themselves. This way, we can both see one another. It's how I attune to clients. Lastly, if anyone disregards my Discovery Session Policies, you will not receive a refund for breaking my policies and you will be terminated immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

For questions, contact me here on my website using the chat button. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your healing journey.

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