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Discounted Rates for Low Income Clients

Are you struggling with low-income? Do you need emotional support, but you cannot afford it? If so, my blog post will share some important information for those who are in the midst of a financial hardship.

First off, I am no stranger to financial hardship. I truly do "get it." I've been through it and I understand how stressful it is. There have been plenty of times when my husband and I have experienced a financial crisis. You are not alone. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I believe that anyone who is destitute or poverty-stricken should be offered discounted rates for mental health. Keeping that in mind, I have offered many of my low-income clients reduced rates.

The truth is that real life happens. For one reason or another, unexpected things can transpire and turn someone's life upside down.

Over the past three years, millions of people have been deeply impacted by the pandemic. There has been a lot of job loss, unemployment, illnesses, and work-related injuries.

In addition, many men and women are struggling with a debilitating health condition that has drastically affected their finances. Let's not forget the skyrocketing increase in our worldwide cost of living, especially in the United States.

According to the website, Inflation Calculator, "The annual inflation rate for the United States was 6.0% for the 12 months following a rise of 6.4% in the previous period, according to U.S. Labor Department data published March 14, 2023."

The definition of 'low income' can vary by household size, where you live, and even the age of family or household members. It may not always be easy to put a specific number to the definition of low income. Despite someone's low income, they are still worthy of having access to a Sliding Scale C or reduced prices for mental health.

Unfortunately, medical insurance doesn't cover, nor participate with Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, nor any type of holistic modality, such as Certified Energy Healing. I sincerely hope that someday this will change.

If you are dealing with financial challenges, you could be eligible to receive a discounted rate when you work with me for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching and/or Certified Energy Healing Sessions. Here's a brief list of client situations:

  • You receive public assistance

  • You receive social security

  • You receive social security disability

  • You receive VA benefits

To be eligible for a discount, you are required to give proof of your income. One example is a copy of your SSD document or a public assistance letter. Each client situation is confidential.

Your lack of income doesn't automatically mean that you are eligible to receive reduced prices for my coaching and/or energy healing services. Each case is for my discretion to determine who meets the requirements and who is an ideal match to work with me.

Similar to mental health and the medical industry, I accept a certain number of low-income clients annually. While I haven't advertised this in the past, for two years I have provided reduced prices to my clients who are struggling financially.

Requirements for Discounted Rates:

  1. Give documented proof of your annual income.

  2. Provide size of your household.

  3. You must be 18 years or older.

  4. You must have a legitimate email address.

  5. You must reveal your true identity.

  6. Provide proof of your SSD, Medicaid, etc.

  7. You must complete a list of questions for me to determine if you're an ideal candidate to work with me.

The one thing I find fascinating is that one of my clients who I've worked with for two years and who's in the low-income bracket, she has put in so much effort. Despite her financial challenges, she has committed to her trauma recovery process.

Not just for a single session, either. She went into this coaching endeavor with me for the long-haul, which I appreciate.

While it wasn't always easy for my client to pay discounted rates, I admire her courage, strength, and dedication to do the hard work of the healing journey. To show up, to be transparent, and to focus on her recovery goals. After two years of working with me, this week she said, "I am doing much better. I feel lighter, calmer, and excited for my future."

When you consider the necessary time needed to work with a trauma-informed mental health expert, such as myself, I guarantee that in most cases you get out of it what you put into it.

Healing isn't overnight. There is no quick fix. Healing from abuse and trauma take time. It takes dedication. It involves much more than a single one hour coaching session. Simply stated, there is not a final destination for the trauma recovery. It is for as long as you are breathing on earth. You will need to be open to putting in the effort, time, and work.

Ultimately, there is nothing more liberating and freeing than investing in your recovery. You will benefit in ways you haven't imagined. It's life-changing!

Committed clients get better results. My clients reap the rich rewards when they commit to working with me for an extended period of time. They come out of it wiser, braver, and with empowering tools to enhance their health; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Dear Trauma Survivor, don't quit until the healing comes. Trust the process. Be gentle and patient with yourself along your healing journey. Understand that this can transform your life and bring you peace, calm, and more happiness in your life.

If you would like to have Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching or Certified Energy Healing at a discounted price, send me a message on my website. In your message, state that you are low income. For all electronic payments, I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe. I send my clients an invoice. It requires you to share your full name and email address linked to your electronic payment.

Regardless of your income, you are worthy to receive mental health services. You are worthy of emotional support. You are worthy to have voice and choice along your healing pathway. Best wishes to you and this new season of your life.

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