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Create More Balance & Boundaries

SNAP! Over the past few days, I’ve sensed that I need to make important changes, especially on my YouTube channel. Have you noticed how much of your time is lost from scrolling through social media? It’s a time sucker.

You start off checking your notifications on social media. You may respond to countless comments or inquires. Two hours later, you realize how much time has slipped by. Time management is part of creating better balance and healthy boundaries.

There’s pros and cons to everything, including the internet and social media. While I love meeting like-minded people and making new friends, I do have moments when I must unplug. When I sense my soul is prompting me to step away from the chaos, drama, and distractions. Therefore, I am creating more balance in my life. More soul-care. More personal and professional boundaries. More time for me to enjoy my life. More time for me to increase peace of mind. More time to do what is best for me, my business, and my overall health; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a trauma-informed advocate and (soon to be) Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I am practicing what I teach. That self-care and boundaries are essential to our healing journey. Currently, I am stepping away from YouTube for a while. It may be a little vacation for a week or two.

When we carve out time to create more balance and boundaries in our lives, we intentionally rest. We listen to our gut instincts. We trust how we are being guided to reset, reflect, and refuel. To be at our best, we must replenish ourselves. For each person it can look different. For one person, they may go for a nature walk. Another person may soak in a tranquil bath. To surround ourselves with candlelight as we seek clarity. Other people may listen to soft music, bird watch, exercise, go swimming, do yoga, bodywork, reiki, meditate, or pray in solitude. The list of self-care practices is limitless and endless.

In December 2020, I stepped out of my comfort zone by doing something brand new. I had my first one-hour session in a Sensory Deprivation Floating Tank. My son referred me to it and raved about how therapeutic it is. I said “yes” and expanded my horizons.

During my Sensory Deprivation floating tank session, the lights were dimmed and I relaxed to calming music. So far, I’ve had two sessions in the floating tank that consists of 300 lbs. of Epsom salts. It was a super relaxing and healing experience. Both times, I slept great after returning home. I felt the awesome health benefits of the salt water floating tank and I will be returning soon.

If we want to keep it real, let’s unapologetically admit that sometimes we like time alone. To chill out. To kick back and do nothing. We crave tranquility, especially empaths and Highly Sensitive People. We need to take a time away from the world in order to ground ourselves. We may even find it relaxing to binge-watch Netflix or our favorite episodes. Or we may enjoy watching sports, cooking channels, and documentaries. To expand our minds. To educate ourselves. To gain more wisdom and knowledge.

Or we may yearn to create something artsy. To paint. To draw. To garden. To bake. To sing. To write. To play an instrument. To listen to nature sounds of raindrops, waterfalls, or ocean waves. To dance like no one is watching. (No one except my rescue cat, Binx. LOL!)

Creating clear boundaries is really important for our mental health. Our boundaries are our limits and standards. Consider it like an invisible fence to keep out toxic people, places, and things that don’t align with you.

Boundaries will communicate to other’s what we accept, what we tolerate, and what we don’t accept, nor tolerate. If someone disrespects your boundaries, you can show them to the door. No doubt, our healthy boundaries are a super power!

When we create more balance and boundaries in our lives, it increases our well-being. It can bring calm during dark storms. It can reduce our stress levels. It can decrease our anxiety. It can be the core component to our own recovery process and ability to move through trauma.

We cannot fill from an empty cup. We cannot always be the “giver” because that can be draining. There comes a time if you give too much and neglect yourself, it can be depleting. This leads to burnout. Also, it can cause adrenal exhaustion and cortisol imbalances. Relationships must be balanced, mutual, and respectful.

Today, here is a gentle reminder for you to fill your own cup. Do what is best for YOU. Seek serenity. Look within. Listen to your intuition. Offer self-care and self-compassion. Find holistic ways to bring balance, harmony, and calm into your life.

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