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Buy One-Month Coaching & Get a 5th Session for FREE

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Happy Autumn! For the next two weeks, I am having an awesome sale on One-Month Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this incredible discount to start your healing journey.

What I have learned as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach is that when people commit to working on their trauma for one month or beyond, they have experienced more clarity, breakthroughs, understanding, and peace of mind. Those who are in this collaborative venture for the long-haul have the potential to heal more successfully compared to clients who only have a single coaching session.

One hour of coaching or therapy is absolutely not enough time to process your past abuse, gain more education about trauma, learn somatic embodiment, talk to me about your concerns, and to practice holistic modalities for your trauma recovery. It truly does take time, energy, and effort.

Healing abuse and trauma is not a marathon race. It is more like a daily process that can accelerate your cumulative experience in your healing journey.

Simply stated, you get what you put into it. The average person would never expect a single hour of therapy to heal them. It is unrealistic. The same is true for Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching. It is important for each of my clients to have realistic expectations when they work with me. Dear Survivor, you are worthy of the investment. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy to be seen, heard, validated, and understood. Most of all, you are worthy of healing.

Here is the Sale & How it works: When you buy a One-Month Coaching Package, which includes four one-hour sessions, you will receive a fifth session for FREE. It is a total savings of $125!

Sale Starts: Monday, September 26, 2022

Sale Ends: Monday, October 10th, 2022

What You Receive:

  • Private one-on-one coaching with me on Zoom

  • Emotional support by me

  • A good listener who sees you, hears you, & validates you

  • Safe space to unpack your trauma without judgment

  • Explore a body-mind connection to recover; physical, emotional, spiritual, & relational

  • Set realistic recovery goals to increase your quality of life

  • Inspiration and motivation from me; your coach & mentor

  • Professional resources to support you and your healing journey

  • Somatic Embodiment, holistic modalities, & healing strategies

My Trauma-informed Specialties:

  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

  • Psychological Abuse

  • Family Estrangement

  • Sibling Abuse

  • Child Neglect & Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse


  • Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Disorders

  • The body-mind connection to trauma

  • Holistic Modalities (Herbs, Essential Oils, Natural Wellness)

  • Spiritual Trauma/Religious Abuse

  • Somatic Embodiment & Emotional Regulation

Steps to Sign Up for the Sale:

1. Provide your electronic payment name. I accept Zelle & Venmo.

2. Provide your full name & email address linked to your electronic payment.

3. I will send you an invoice.

4. Pay the invoice.

5. After I receive your full payment, I will email you the client forms.

6. Complete the client intake forms & email them to me.

7. After I receive your completed forms, I will schedule your first one-hour session on Zoom.

One-Month Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching Price: $360 FREE Session: A 5th one-hour coaching session is FREE. (The regular price of a single one-hour coaching session is $125.)

Total Discount: $125

Refund Policy: I don't offer refunds on coaching services.

I am here to coach you to your highest level of success. A significant part of that requires a commitment from you. It is important that you are invested in your healing journey and coaching package with me.

It is to your benefit to decide before purchasing your coaching package that you will be all in and committed to doing the healing work and showing up to your sessions. As your Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I am 100% committed to you, your healing journey, and your trauma recovery.

Healing abuse and trauma takes time. It takes energy. It takes utter honesty. It takes courage. It takes effort. It takes a commitment. It takes consistency. You get what you put into it. Feel it to heal it.

If you want to heal from abuse, don't quit until the healing comes. Do not expect an overnight fix. Healing takes time because it is like an onion. Layer by layer, you will be healing one day at a time. It's worth it because you will come out stronger, peaceful, and happier.

Ready to get started? To sign up for my sale, send me a message on my website. Thank you. I look forward to working with you!

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