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Believe Poem

Believe Poem by Dana Arcuri

Sacred Wandering: Growing Your Faith in the Dark

The biggest key to living your fullest potential is belief.

For you to believe in yourself.

Believe in your talents.

Believe in your worth.

Believe in your purpose.

Believe you have a powerful voice.

Believe you will gain insight from your sacred wandering.

Believe God keeps His promises.

Believe your unique story matters.

Believe you have something remarkable to give to our world.

Believe you can change lives for the better.

Believe your faith will sustain you.

Believe when God calls you, He will equip you.

Believe anything is possible for you to achieve.

Believe you will have a beautiful breakthrough.

Believe there is always hope.

Believe healing, joy, and love are meant for you.

Sacred Wandering: Growing Your Faith in the Dark

Are you in the midst of messy places? The Sacred Wandering is a wilderness journey. When you are in life transitions. For some, it's hard times with hurt, doubt, and disappointment.

Our wilderness journey is the place God allures us. Where He pursues us. When He speaks to us in our pain. It's during our messy moments when He wraps us in His tender embrace. When He extends His grace.

Dana Arcuri shares her own real, raw, and messy places. Chronic pain. Depression. Lost dreams. Grief. Broken relationships. Church hurt. Healing father wounds. Surviving sexual assaults.

As she revisits past trauma, she follows God's nudge to bravely break the silence. And to grow her faith in the dark. In The Sacred Wandering, Dana reveals her tears, trials, and triumphs. With wisdom and transparency, she shares her personal stories and biblical insight to help you trust God in your own wilderness journey.

The purpose is to spiritually strengthen you. To learn valuable lessons. To refine you. To know that you are enough just as you are.

The Sacred Wandering provides hope and healing. Through valleys and victories, your messes can become God's masterpiece. It's your daily manna. Nourishment for your soul. To encourage you. To sustain you along your wilderness season. To help you to grow your faith in the dark.

Sacred Wandering is available on Amazon in print and an eBook. Here is the link to order your copy.

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