Bloom from the Dark
Life Purpose Coaching


To Equip, Encourage, & Empower You to Pursue Your Passionate Purpose.

Have you felt confused about your special talents and strengths? Are you stuck in how to live your life purpose? If so, I can help you to gain crystal clear clarity to move forward to live your passionate purpose.

As a Life Purpose Coach, my passion is to help you get unstuck in old, limited beliefs about yourself, your dreams, your talents, and finances. By tapping into your hidden strengths, talents, and interests, you will have a much clearer vision to achieve realistic goals. I equip my clients to understand their unique purpose to pursue their brilliant dreams.

When you sign up for my private single session or One Month Life Purpose Coaching Package, here’s what you will receive:

  1. Improved self-confidence

  2. Clarity on your top priorities

  3. Heightened awareness about how much value you offer

  4. Realistic strategies to reach your goals

  5. Determine your strengths & weaknesses

  6. Eliminate negative self-talk & limiting beliefs

  7. Do what you love & what sets your soul on fire

  8. Increase your prosperity, success, & abundance

  9. Professional resources & emails from me

  10. Maintain focus, motivation, and momentum

  11. Learn how to unlock your full potential


Life Purpose Coaching Versus Therapy: Life Purpose Coaching is much different compared to counseling or therapy. I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist. I don’t give advice, nor tell you what to do. Instead, I offer you voice and choice to be the CEO in control of your own life, dreams, and goals. While I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, please note that my services for Life Purpose Coaching are significantly different than my services for Trauma Recovery Coaching. To learn more about my Trauma Recovery Coaching, visit my page: Coach | My Site (

Dana offers three types of coaching services: 

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Coach | My Site (


2. Life Purpose Coaching

Life Coaching | My Site (

3. Writing Purposely Coaching

(Page is under construction.)


My Life Purpose Coaching Specialties: My Life Purpose Coaching services specialize in women who seek empowerment, including entrepreneurs, aspiring writers, authors, leaders, and speakers. I equip, encourage, and empower women to follow their passionate pursuits.


My Life Purpose Coaching Services: My Life Purpose Coaching services for women offers private coaching sessions for one hour each on Zoom. As your mentor, I will partner with you to lead you through the process of creating action-driven goals that reflect your vision. We will get to the root of your deepest aspirations. Then we will take your seed of an idea, plant it, grow it, and watch it blossom into success. Get ready, get set, and start to flourish!

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Single Session

Private one-on-one Life Purpose Coaching for 1 hour on Zoom. The link will be emailed to after I receive your full payment. The session must be utilized within 30 days of purchase.



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1 Month Package

Invest in yourself and your dreams with 25% off your discounted rate. Private one-on-one Life Purpose Coaching for 1 hour each on Zoom; total of 4 coaching sessions. The link will be emailed to you when I receive your full payment. An awesome savings of $95! The sessions must be utilized within 60 days of purchase. 



Electronic Payments: I accept Venmo and Stripe payments. You are required to give your email address linked to your Venmo or Stripe account. I will email you an invoice for your payment. When I receive your full payment, I will contact you by email to schedule your first Life Purpose Coaching session with me. If you prefer another form of electronic payment, please message me on the chat button. I look forward to working with you!

Refund Policy: I don’t offer refunds. All payments are final.