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      Healing Inside Out
Certified Master Energy Practitioner       and Quantum Energy Healing                              Practitioner


If you are new to Quantum Energy Healing, you may wonder what this term means. Energy healing is a holistic modality that can restore and balance the flow of energy in your body. Regardless of what you need to heal, healing is always an inside job. It starts with you being willing and open to unravel your past abuse, trauma, and pain. Quantum Energy Healing can speed up the length of your recovery. It's super effective!


Quantum healing is a holistic approach to wellness that uses the principles of quantum physics to promote healing and balance in the body. This technique operates on the principle that everything in the universe is interconnected, and that we are all made up of energy. Dr. Deepak Chopra is the pioneer of quantum energy healing. It's believed that quantum energy healing can promote healing and restore balance to the body.

This type of healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that energy is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. When the energy in the body is out of balance or blocked, it can lead to physical and emotional health problems.


Have you ever walked into a building or met a person and instantly you sensed a negative vibe? This is your gut instinct alerting you to the energies of people, places, and things. Your intuition is always correct. It will guide you for your highest good.


As Certified Master Energy Practitioner and an Intuitive Coach who taps into Quantum Energy Healing, I empower you to access your own intuition. To tap into your gut instincts to guide you to take personal ownership of your body, mind, spirit, and ability to heal from within. It's liberating!


The Phoenix Rising is symbolic of our healing journey. It’s quite intriguing that in the Greek mythology, the phoenix is a long-lived bird who cyclically regenerates and transmutes. The phoenix rises above the darkness and from the sacred ashes for rebirth. The phoenix is symbolic of strength, courage, renewal, and transformation. Like the phoenix, may you have the courage to rise above the ashes to heal your body, mind, and spirit.


"And still I rise." ~ Maya Angelou


Quantum physics and Quantum Energy Healing has acknowledged that we are all made up of energy, as is everything around us. It is the most basic building block of life, but like the air we breathe most people can’t see it. Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. 

It is common for people, especially abuse and trauma survivors, to have dense energy inside their bodies. Oftentimes, this is referred to as having energetic blocks. In a nutshell, trauma is trapped energy. It deeply impacts every facet of your life, including your mental health, your emotional well-being, your physical health, your brain health, your relationships, your ability to function, your finances, your life purpose, plus so much more.

Blocked energy can be located in various organs in your body, including:

·     Your mind (brain fog, confusion, fatigue, etc.)

·     Your forehead (disconnected to yourself, insomnia, etc.)

·     Your throat (being silenced, trauma, etc.)

·     Your heart (being in toxic relationships, grief, etc.)

·     Your stomach (trauma, feeling powerless)

·     Your sacrum (dysfunctional relationship, feeling unworthy, etc.)

·     Your pelvic region (lack of support, childhood trauma, etc.), or other areas in your body


There's nothing "witchy" about Quantum Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, and Certified Master Energy Healing sessions. I connect to God/Higher Power, use prayer, and seek divine intuitiveness to guide me in my sessions.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." — Albert Einstein


Energy healing is based on connecting the subconscious and conscious, engaging the whole person to promote vibrant health and wellbeing. Unlike the prescription medications and invasive practices, energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable the body’s natural healing ability.


Energy healing practitioners, such as myself, embrace the fact that everything is made of energy, including our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. As energy beings, our bodies are connected to the earth and the rest of the universe in unseen ways.

The energy of your body connects to the energy of everything around you, and one can influence the other. Without this unseen force, we wouldn’t have life. We need this constant flow of positive energy to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits alive and whole.


The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping to remove emotional blockages, energy deficiencies, self-limiting beliefs, and what no longer is in alignment to you, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. 

Single Session of Distance Energy Healing - $100

Package of 3 Distance Energy Healing Sessions - $240 (Each session breaks down to $80 per session.)


Steps to Sign Up for Distance Energy Healing:

1. Provide your electronic payment name. (I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Stripe.)

2. Provide your full name and email address linked to your electronic payment.

3. I will send you an invoice.

4. Pay the invoice.


Refund Policy: I don’t offer refunds. All transactions are final.

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