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Dana Arcuri is a captivating public speaker who has the gift of encouraging, educating, and empowering men and women to transform their lives in their healing journey. She bravely talks about “hard to talk about” topics to end the stigma of abuse, sexual assault, and mental health.


For over ten years, Dana’s been an inspiring YouTube Creator where she builds awareness, advocates, and educates about child abuse, dysfunctional families, sexual assault, narcissistic abuse, Complex PTSD, chronic pain. healthy boundaries, trauma recovery, and holistic health.


Dana has a wide range of professional and personal experiences, interests, and expertise. She believes there is power in speaking the truth and sharing our stories. Her most popular speaking topics include the following:


  • How to Set Clear Boundaries

  • How to Trust Your Intuition

  • Self-care is Soul-Care

  • Healing Your Trauma Wounds

  • Breaking Free of Narcissistic Abuse

  • Holistic Healing & Emotional Wellness

  • Hope for the Weary Soul

  • Natural Ways to Heal Chronic Pain

Past Speaking Events:

It Is Well: Body, Mind, & Soul - In 2018, Dana was a featured speaker for the Women's Power Surge Conference.

Wove Ministries – In 2018, Dana was a featured speaker with the message of healing, health, and hope.

Beauty From the Ashes – In 2017, Dana was a featured speaker with a powerful message for chronic pain warriors in which she shared her fibromyalgia journey to healing.

Your Journey to Freedom – In 2017, Dana was featured speaker on a radio show sharing how to have hope in the midst of chronic pain.

Authentic Hope – In 2014, Dana joined Beth Jones, international speaker and author, in a virtual event to provide women encouragement, inspiration, and hope.


The Treasure Within – In 2013, Dana was a featured speaker with holistic experts for a virtual event. Dana shared her fibromyalgia journey and discussed how chronic pain impacts self-esteem.

West Penn Hospital Burn Survivor Workshop – In 2000, Dana was honored to be invited as a professional licensed beauty expert to speak about physical trauma, how it impacts self-esteem, and the lives of burn survivors. In addition, she demonstrated camouflage makeup techniques on burn survivors.

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