Dana Arcuri is a captivating author, speaker, coach, abuse survivor, and

trauma-informed advocate who delivers a powerful message of healing,

health, and hope. She empowers women and men to find their voice and

to transform their lives.

She is the author of the inspiring memoir,

Soul Cry: Releasing & Healing Your Trauma Wounds,

Sacred Wandering: Growing Your Faith in the Dark,

Reinventing You: Simple Steps to Transform Your Body, Mind, & Spirit,

Harvest of Hope 50 Day Devotional, and the

memoir, Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity.

As a freelance writer, her work has been published in Counting My Spoons

sharing her fibromyalgia warrior story, Pearls of Promise, Write Where It

Hurts, Seriously Write, and Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra's 21 days Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude.

For over ten years, Dana’s been an empowering YouTube Creator where she builds awareness and advocates about “hard to talk about topics,” including child abuse, dysfunctional families, sexual assault, narcissistic abuse, Complex PTSD, healthy boundaries, trauma recovery, and holistic health. In 2018, Dana was a featured speaker for the Women's Power Surge Conference.

She's been a speaker for countless radio shows, including Beauty from the Ashes and Your Journey to Freedom.