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Want to support Dana who passionately advocates abuser survivors? You may do so by donating to her at Buy Me a Coffee.

As an entrepreneur, Dana Arcuri wears many hats. She is an inspirational author, speaker, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC), Certified Master Energy Practitioner (CMEP), an Intuitive Coach, and a YouTuber. In addition, she's a Writing Coach who helps aspiring writers to transform their dreams into a beautiful reality. 

As a CTRC, Dana specializes in narcissistic abuse, family estrangement, sibling abuse, CPTSD/PTSD, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, holistic modalities, Somatic Embodiment, trauma, and more. Dana passionately offers hope, compassion, and effective holistic options to all walks of life. One survivor at a time. For Intuitive Coaching, Dana specializes in empowering people from all walks of life to activate their intuition, to trust their inner knowing, to release limited beliefs, and to take realistic action steps to create a rewarding and healthy life. 

CREDENTIALS: Dana Arcuri is a graduate of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC) and she is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. She has a certificate in Somatic Embodiment, Emotional Regulation Strategies, and Certified Master Energy Practitioner (level 3). Dana has professional training in Spiritual Trauma, Ancestral Trauma Healing, Advanced Energy Healing, Activating Intuition, and Quantum Energy Healing: Advanced Practices for Working with Quantum Fields, Enhanced Clairvoyance, and Intuitive Healing.

In addition, she's been working with trauma survivors in a variety of capacities for 20 years. Dana is an Amazon Bestselling author of six books, she's a professional speaker, and she has been a YouTuber for 12+ years. Dana has 11 years' experience working as a Life Purpose Coach and a Writing Coach for Writing Purposely Book  Coaching. Book Coaching | My Site (

Dana's the author of the educational self-help book, Soul Rescue: How to Break Free from Narcissistic Abuse & Heal Trauma, the inspiring memoir, Soul Cry: Releasing & Healing Your Trauma WoundsSacred Wandering: Growing Your Faith in the DarkReinventing You: Simple Steps to Transform Your Body, Mind, & SpiritHarvest of Hope 50 Day Devotional, and the memoir, Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity.

As a freelance writer, her work has been published in Counting My Spoons sharing her fibromyalgia warrior story, Pearls of Promise, Write Where It Hurts, Seriously Write, and Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra's 21 days Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude. 

If you need emotional support, healing, encouragement, and compassion, you have come to the right place. 

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