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"The most rewarding experience is to light the path for other hurting souls to find their way out of the darkness."


My Core Values and Mission

1) Awareness & Advocacy – I am passionate about building awareness through education and advocacy about child abuse, sexual assaults, a dysfunctional family, narcissistic abuse, chronic pain, Complex PTSD, trauma, boundaries, holistic health, and emotional wellness.
2) Authenticity – Be real and stay true to yourself. Embrace your uniqueness because you are enough just as you are.

3) Encouragement – To provide kindness, empathy, and compassion.
4) Perseverance – With determination and perseverance, we can rise above adversity with clear goals. You are worth fighting for!
5) Healing Journey – No matter what you have suffered and endured, there is always hope for healing; body, mind, and soul.
6) Storytelling – There is power in telling our true stories and helping others not feel so alone.
7) Find Your Voice – To be the voice for the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.
8) Spirituality – In the wilderness journey of life, we can grow our faith in the dark. We awake to a new reality of the present moment where we can embrace our life lessons and beautifully transform.
9) Trauma Recovery – My sole mission is to link arms with other abuse survivors to help guide them with practical tools to recover from traumatic experiences.
10) Self-care – Take time to reflect, reset, relax, and recharge yourself. When we nurture ourselves, we replenish our soul.
11) Empowerment – To empower others to stand up for themselves and to break the silence of abuse. To reclaim their dignity, peace of mind, and self-confidence.

12. Voice & Choice - I provide my clients with voice and choice in their trauma recovery. This means they are seen, heard, validated, and respected.

My Professional Services: 

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Coach | My Site (

2. Coaching for Cancer Survivors & Burn Survivors


3. Writing Purposely Book Coaching

Book Coaching | My Site (


4. Certified Master Energy Practitioner Sessions
Energy Healing | My Site (

"Never underestimate the power of a person who is healing their trauma. This person has been through the darkest places that the world has to offer and is still standing before you committed to seeing the light." 


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IMPORTANT: My website is for business purposes. Only contact me for serious inquiries. Absolutely no solicitation or trying to contact me to sell me something. 


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