"The most rewarding experience is to light the path for other hurting souls to find their way out of the darkness."


My Core Values and Mission

1) Awareness & Advocacy – I am passionate about building awareness through education and advocacy about child abuse, sexual assaults, a dysfunctional family, narcissistic abuse, chronic pain, Complex PTSD, trauma, boundaries, holistic health, and emotional wellness.
2) Authenticity – Be real and stay true to yourself. Embrace your uniqueness because you are enough just as you are.

3) Encouragement – To provide kindness, empathy, and compassion.
4) Perseverance – With determination and perseverance, we can rise above adversity with clear goals. You are worth fighting for!
5) Healing Journey – No matter what you have suffered and endured, there is always hope for healing; body, mind, and soul.
6) Storytelling – There is power in telling our true stories and helping others not feel so alone.
7) Find Your Voice – To be the voice for the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.
8) Spirituality – In the wilderness journey of life, we can grow our faith in the dark. We awake to a new reality of the present moment where we can embrace our life lessons and beautifully transform.
9) Trauma Recovery – My sole mission is to link arms with other abuse survivors to help guide them with practical tools to recover from traumatic experiences.
10) Self-care – Take time to reflect, reset, relax, and recharge yourself. When we nurture ourselves, we replenish our soul.
11) Empowerment – To empower others to stand up for themselves and to break the silence of abuse. To reclaim their dignity, peace of mind, and self-confidence.

12. Voice & Choice - I provide my clients with voice and choice in their trauma recovery. This means they are seen, heard, validated, and respected.

Dana Offers Three Types of Coaching Services: 

1. Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Coach | My Site (danaarcuri.com)


2. Life Purpose Coaching

Life Coaching | My Site (danaarcuri.com)

3. Writing Purposely Book Coaching
Book Coaching | My Site (danaarcuri.com)


Wise Women Rise Healing Circle

We heal in a safe community with compassion, unity, and support.

Women | My Site (danaarcuri.com)


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